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Dynamic dialogue modelling

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LAVA: Latent Action Spaces via Variational Auto-encoding for Dialogue Policy Optimization

Author(s): N. Lubis, C. Geishauser, M. Heck, H-C. Lin, M. Moresi, C. van Niekerk, M. Gašić
Published in: COLING 2020, 2020

Actor-Double-Critic: Incorporating Model-Based Critic for Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems

Author(s): Y.-C. Wu, B.-H. Tseng, M. Gašić
Published in: Findings of EMNLP 2020, 2020

Out-of-Task Training for Dialog State Tracking Models

Author(s): M. Heck, C. Geishauser, H-C. Lin, N. Lubis, M. Moresi, C. van Niekerk, M. Gašić
Published in: COLING 2020, 2020

Topology of Word Embeddings: Singularities Reflect Polysemy

Author(s): A. Jakubowski, M. Gašić, M. Zibrowius
Published in: *SEM 2020, 2020

TripPy: A Triple Copy Strategy for Value Independent Neural Dialog State Tracking

Author(s): M. Heck, C. van Niekerk, N. Lubis, C. Geishauser, H-C. Lin, M. Moresi, M. Gašić
Published in: SIGDIAL conference, 2020