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Innovative Manure Biofertilizers

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - IMBIO (Innovative Manure Biofertilizers)

Reporting period: 2018-03-01 to 2018-08-31

Integro-SD Company (ISD) implements own patented technology of animal waste processing (incl. chicken manure) into high-demand quality organic fertilizers. ISD doesn’t use herbage, biological and chemical catalysts in IMBIO technology. Increasing demand for organic fertilizers tells about the necessity of ramping up its production. IMBIO technology allows occupying empty market niche of high-quality organic fertilizers production in the segment of small and medium farm enterprises. The offered technology is highly-productive, waste-free, compact, easy to scale, non-hazardous for the environment and also has low construction budget. IMBIO allows reducing or totally refusing the usage of mineral fertilizers, increasing the yield of cultivated crops, getting added value by waste processing, organic products and new small-scale production, as well as creating closed production cycle for small farm enterprises, poultry plants and other representatives of the branch.

IMBIO technology cares about not only agriculture but environment that increases the living conditions near animal farms.

Overall objectives of the Phase 1:
• Investigate in details the market of small poultry farms in Europe (in specific Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal)
• Investigate environmental problems and the extent of environmental pollution by poultry waste
• Investigate the issue of organic fertilizers application by farm enterprises in Europe
• Identify and initiate cooperation with environment and poultry organization in the introduction markets
• Emphasize the competitive advantages of our product comparing to existing at the market
• Identify and initiate cooperation with distributors in Europe
• Develop the business-plan of company’s short- and long-term development including market entry strategy
• Innovation project (phase 2) planning

As the result of detailed market investigation the following conclusions were made:
• Small poultry farms are looking for solutions that can increase their economic efficiency and give additional value from waste.
• Animal waste (incl. chicken manure) are mostly processed in aerobic conditions or even applied directly to the fields that causes pollution of the soil with harmful bacterias and ground water with nitrogen (ammonia).
• There is the rising trend of organic fertilizers application and organic agriculture in general within the EU.
• Comparison of main characteristics of IMBIO fertilizer with competitors exisitng on the European market shows the advantages of IMBIO fertilizer (especially quality, potential influence on harvest, efficiency, lower price)
• Existing methods of animal waste processing are not aimed at maximum preservation of nutrients and organic matter in output product
• There are no offers for small and medium farmers for efficient treatment of animal waste that can bring additional value.
• The freedom-to-operate of IMBIO technology was confirmed.
• Farmers in target countries expressed interest in testing IMBIO fertilizer on the cultivated crops.
• The IMBIO project has a high market potential and is ready for further development (SME Instrument Phase 2)
From the beginning of the project the following works were performed:
• Development of detailed plan of works
• Search of local consultants in target countries and signature of agreements
• Work with personal coach
• Preparation of presentations of IMBIO technology and fertilizer
• Gathering market information of target countries
• Analysis of competitive offers
• Comparison of IMBIO with competitive offers
• Investigation of potential customers of the IMBIO technology and fertilizer
• Holding interviews with stakeholders (farmers, chicken farms)
• Investigation of local distributors of fertilizers
• Development of the market entry strategy
• Development of the business-plan of the company’s development for 5 years
• Search of partners, suppliers of raw material for processing and potential customers

Main results:
• Defined the potential quantity of waste for IMBIO technology
• Investigated ogranic agriculture in target countries
• Got the information about competitive technologies and fertilizers
• Got contacts of potential partners
• Made prior agreements on IMBIO fertilizers field tests
• Defined the most attractive countries for first market entry (Spain, Greece)
Thanks to SME Instrument Phase 1 we got more relevant information about European market conditions. Thus we got up to date information how to operate on the market - from registration procedures till direct contacts with final customers. Now we clear understand the farmers' needs and can develop more accurate dosage and application method of IMBIO fertilizer according to local farming conditions.

Untill the end of the project we expect the following results:
• Get the European registration of IMBIO fertilizer
• Hold large-scale European field tests of IMBIO fertilizer
• Build local production facility (BGU-5) for animal waste processing
• Efficiently utilize 1 800 tons of hazardous animal waste per year
• Restore up to 54 000 ha of exhausted soils per year only with one production facility (BGU-5)
• Hire near 30 employees in the nearest 3 years of project realization
• Invest in EU economy as far as IMBIO technology will be implemented in EU and all required resources will be of European origin
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