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Bee Label: A new remote beehive surveillance for better bee health and secured pollination

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BEE LABEL (Bee Label: A new remote beehive surveillance for better bee health and secured pollination )

Reporting period: 2018-02-01 to 2018-07-31

Bee Angels is a young and ambitious French SME which has developed and commercialized a Bee Label®, the 1st generation of new connected beehive device and mobile application.

Colony Collapse Disoder (“CDD”) is an international growing issue, identified for 30 years. Our environment and future is directly affected by the death of bees, major actors of the pollination process. Without bees, not only honey disappears, but no less than 80% of what we consume - since vegetal growth is dependent on pollination. We are losing 30-50% of hives every year. Imagine the impact on plants value chain, upon the Economy and on lives.
These constant losses are a European and worldwide big problem and have adverse effects on ecosystem functioning, as bees play a central role in a variety of processes, including 80% of global pollination. Around 70% of the world’s most produced crop species rely on some extent on insect pollination, contributing to an estimated €153 billion to the global economy and accounting for approximately 9% of agricultural production. Between 30% to 50% of bees dying-off each year3. For the first time in the US, a species of bumblebee is endangered.

Bee Label offers an innovative solution: the smart hive. Equipped with numerous sensors and theft protection, the Bee Label connected beehive sends multiple environmental measurements and precise honey production analytics. These data are immediately available on your computer or mobile application. This way, the beehive is “smart” and you can follow your bees’ health and activity from anywhere and in real time.
The device is a separate part placed simply below beehive. It contains precise sensors and remote monitoring software to follow bees’ and hive conditions, and alert beekeepers in the real time of any trouble that arises.
The users of 60 already sold devices declared that it is possible to reduce the mortality of bees by up to 40% using Bee Label connected device1.

About sixty Bee Labels are already sold in France via specialized distributors, and via sponsorships of large companies, such as CREDIT AGRICOLE, ORANGE, Groupama insurance, CAF Paris (Family allowance of Paris), under their Corporate Social Responsibility program.

What are the overall objectives?
Get information to change the world in a postiv way to protect bees
Objectives were to improve the current product by adding new features and validate market positioning of Bee Label:
1-Technological assessment.
a.Select validate and integrate new sensors for temperature and moisture measurements to monitor fatigue and mortality of bees inside a hive.
b.Implement a new video monitoring to check bees’ activities and their entering and leaving the hive, and to detect presence of pathogens inside a hive.
c.Basic power supply connected via solar panel: more batteries to be recharged and monitoring of consumption.

2-IPR, Freedom to Operate (FTO) and risk assessment
a.Review providing deep analysis of new possible rights, and then implementation of proposed recommendation, add freedom to operate analysis.
b.Risk assessments and analysis of bottleneck in the ability to increase profitability of the enterprise though proposed innovative solution.

3-Market feasibility and business plan drafting
a.Market study and innovation strategy management to evaluate the global apiculture market, to better understand the world-wide market conditions and trends, users’ unsatisfied needs, concurrence, and to define the best Bee Angels market positioning and strategy for commercialisation, via large companies and the beehive sponsorship via CSR action, and/or via beekeepers and professional pollination services for connected, or both.
b.Identification and contact of new European customers/distributions channels.
c.Elaborate business plan preparation and writing.
The ambitious goal of Bee Angels is to revolutionise the European and Global bee market. The most important expected impacts will be the company's profitability and growth performance (€19M in 2022). It will also create at least 38 new European jobs to accelerate international market uptake and distribution of the new disruptive connected beehive.
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