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Ground breaking 3D cell culture platform to eliminate animal testing in pharmaceuticals

Project description

Novel 3D cell culture platform to substitute animals in the preclinical testing

More than 85 % of early clinical trials currently fail despite promising results in preclinical in vitro testing. The main reason is associated with in vitro 2D cell cultures that do not recapitulate the living body environment. Consequently, preclinical animal testing remains a benchmark, despite the associated cost and ethical concerns. The Czech company InoCure is developing a unique 3D scaffolding platform for in vitro cell culture with a drug delivery embedded system. The goal is to significantly improve preclinical-to-clinical translation efficiency while providing an alternative to animal testing models. The EU-funded DifMATRIX project aims to accomplish the feasibility study, evaluating the legal, economic and technical viability of the technology introduction to the market.

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Net EU contribution
€ 50 000,00
Politickych Veznu 935/13
11000 Praha

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 21 429,00