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CLINICOVERY, a versatile, high quality, environmental-friendly, easy to use e-Clinical solution for clinical research


The biomedical research is the key to reduce disease burden, and yields economic returns both through improved health gains (a healthy workforce) and through commercial exploitation of research outputs. The increasing disease burden has propelled the pharmaceutical industry to bring up new chemical entities into the market at a higher rate, increasing the number of clinical trials and generating huge quantum of clinical data. As a result, clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex, due the use of multiple data capture modalities (paper and pencil or/and Electronic Data Capture systems (EDC)), which require long implementation time, maintenance, upgrades and high economic investment, the need to evaluate more study endpoints and regulatory compliance with Medical Agencies and the growing number of stakeholders participating in the study.
With CLINICOVERY, we will contribute to promote biomedical research in all the target sectors (Public and private) providing a versatile, regulatory compliance (FDA and EMA) cloud based platform that will reduce the implementation time (99%less) and costs (monitoring, price, travels, administrative expenses) and provides the capability to manage a huge and complicate data in large and international clinical trials to reach a faster market approval. Moreover, will be the unique platform in the market that contains a system to detect physiological patient data which gives advance warning of an adverse effect.
The exploitation of the CLINICOVERY project will reach the EU countries, as the second region performing more clinical trials and then the Asia Pacific region, with the highest market growth (CAGR around 16% between 2015-2020) and US. In this way, the CLINICOVERY project will not only have a remarkable economic impact on our company (obtaining €7.33 million accumulative profit and ROI of 4.2 and create at least 45 new jobs by 2024), but will also contribute to increase our international presence, by targeting new markets.

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