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Innovative Solution in Microbiome Modulation to Benefit Infant Healthy growth

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - GNU200 (Innovative Solution in Microbiome Modulation to Benefit Infant Healthy growth)

Reporting period: 2018-01-01 to 2018-04-30

Human breast milk contains over 150 different human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) which, through feeding different microorganisms, promote a healthy gut microbiome. HMOs are responsible for many of the health benefits of human milk, including a decreased incidence of infections and chronic diseases. Despite overwhelming evidence supporting the advantages of breastfeeding, mothers are ever more relying on infant formula. Available infant formulae contain a maximum of two HMOs, which have failed to demonstrate their efficacy in mimicking breast milk health benefits.
GNUbiotics has developed GNU 200, a disruptive prebiotic ingredient based on by-products from the farming industry that successfully mimics the human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) profile of breast milk. By implementing GNU 200, infant formula manufacturers will be able to offer products that promote infants’ microbiome, resulting in multiple health benefits.
GNU 200 has reached TRL 6 and is protected by a patent. We have produced 50 kg of compound at pilot scale and demonstrated its performance in preclinical studies. The last development steps will be achieved through GNU 200 project by scaling up the technology to industrial capabilities and fulfilling the regulatory and market requirements to guarantee its successful market deployment.
1. We have analysed the required technology developments, further defined regulatory and market requirements, evaluated the steps for GNU 200 production scale up, identified our key production partners and prepared a Project Execution Plan to bring GNU200 into the market.
2. We have conducted an analysis on the infant formula and functional ingredients’ market and validated our commercialisation and IP strategy. Additionally, we have updated our dissemination plan.
3. We have further defined our funding needs and forecasted GNU 200 financial projections up to 2024.
The outcome of this Feasibility Study is the decision to continue with the project.
GNU 200 will provide infant formula manufacturers with an effective breast milk mimicking prebiotic ingredient, contributing to infants’ healthy development and helping to decrease future healthcare costs associated to their improper nutrition.
Being sourced from a farming industry by-product, GNU 200 will also help to prevent the economic and environmental impacts of animal waste while creating an additional source of income for the pork industry, therefore promoting a circular economy in the agro-food sector.