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Build your house exactly as you imagined it

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - HouseBuildR (Build your house exactly as you imagined it)

Période du rapport: 2018-02-01 au 2018-07-31

The domestic home is central to many issues: not enough are being built, good architecture is central to a happy and content society and currently they account for the largest consumption of power, and hence global warming. HouseBuildR addresses all these issues and more by building fast, cost efficient, environmentally friendly, yet desirable homes with minimal construction skills.

Jali's HouseBuildR system will completely redefine Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) based house construction. By adapting their proven technology to achieve end-to-end house building automation they can break the 'iron triangle' of: Cost - Quality - Speed - where one aspect can only be improved at the cost of another.
The product also deskills all levels of the construction process, thus reduces costs, increases quality and speeding up construction times. Not only does this enable more end-customers to design and self-build their homes but also drive the construction costs down by at least 20%. The solution also enables a transition to energy efficient houses with greatly reduced carbon footprint. Houses built with HouseBuildR are expected to feature 2.5 times more effective insulation due to inherent qualities of plywood SIP, resulting in an estimated CO2 reduction of 4,391 tons per year.

Jali plan to initially target, the self-builder, a market segment that accounts for almost 640,000 new houses in the EU and the US and is expected to grow at c.6% p.a. between 2017 and 2022 in Central and Northern Europe, due to favorable pricing trends.

The main overall objective is to build eco-friendly and architecturally pleasing homes for all levels of society that people can afford and want to live in.
Jali have machined and built up a section of a typical wall using parts machined on their standard CNC routers. They have also tested foam filling a section of the wall. Although this process was slow compared to the final on-site production machine to be developed, it served as a check on the method and highlighted changes that need to be introduced into the on-site machine.
It has confirmed that this is a viable process.

During the project Jali have carefully examined all the relevant technical, commercial, IPR and regulatory aspects to commercial exploitation of their HouseBuildeR technology. It seems that the landscape in the European market is very supporting for a product like HouseBuildR and ready to benefit from its potential to disrupt the house building industry and create new markets.

The market analysis performed shows that commercialization of the technology will not only boost the growth of the company, but will also help Europe to revitalize it's house construction industry, while contributing to energy efficiency improvement and reduction of Green House Gas emissions
Jali's strategy is to use UK as the test market. They plan to gain traction within a market that is familiar to their company, but also to establish themselves early on in a market that is projected to grow significantly over the years to come, due to both demand and regulatory framework.

Following achieving a number of houses using the HouseBuildR in the UK and revenue therein, Jali is going to expand its operations in the biggest market in Europe; Germany.

It is proposed to set up a few flagship stores to enhance company branding in the country and help educate customers. Jali aim to grow their business by €31m gross revenues and €13.7m operating profits over the 5 years following HouseBuildR's official market launch, generating a total of approximately 195 direct and 1100 indirect jobs.
Corner detail of wall and floor SIP
HouseBuildR machine deployed for production
Corner detail of wall and floor SIP
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HouseBuildR machine deployed for production
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