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CORDIS - EU research results

International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook analysis of the implications of the European Union’s Energy Union on key energy sector indicators.


Final report

1.2 Final report: the manager will generate via the IT system and sign-off on final report.

Advance copy of the final technical report

IEA is asking for a contract amendment extending the duration of the contract until the end of July, and like this the IEA will have time to submit the certificate until the end of September. The duration of the project has been changed from 13 to 17 months, but all of the deliverables will be summited according to previous schedule (including an “advance” copy of the final technical report in month 13). The “final” summary of financial statements and the certificate will be submitted by end of September.

International launch

4.1 International launch: WEO-2018, which will include the findings of the Energy Union analysis, will be launched to international press in London. Proposed timing: November 2018.

Press, web & social media communication

4.3 Press, web & social media communication: The findings of the Energy Union analysis is intended to be communicated with other WEO-2018 analysis through targeted press, web and social medial channels. Proposed timing: March 2019.

Brussels launch

4.2 Brussels launch: A tailored launch of the findings of the Energy Union analysis would be made in Brussels in the presence of senior representatives from the European Union. Proposed timing: November 2018.

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