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Significantly cheaper and cleaner energy from biomass combustion


Energy from biomass is CO2 neutral, renewable and can be used in existing energy production plants. But a new EU directive, designed to save some of the 420,000 lives lost every year to air pollution in the EU, means that today’s technologies cannot meet the demands by any other means than adding expensive emission reduction systems to their solutions. This will make energy from biomass more expensive, lead to higher energy bills for consumers and threatens to put the Commission’s entire renewable energy roadmap at risk. Dall Energy has developed a new, disruptive biomass furnace that reduces dust and particle emissions by more than 90% and can easily meet the demands in the new directive, and offer a whole new set of other benefits: • 30% lower investment (much simpler design) • 50% lower maintenance costs (no technical difficulties, low power consumption) • Very wide load window (fast and easy modulation between 10 and 100% load without problems) • Up to 40% reduction of fuel cost as the technology enables conversion of a wide range of low-value fuels such as wet biomass, organic waste streams, willow, etc. in the same furnace. For Dall Energy, there is a market of 150-250 new plants and 130-170 replacement plants annually in EU-28 alone. By 2023, Dall Energy expects a turnover of €140m and 375 jobs created in-house, as well as 1,038 jobs with EU-based suppliers as a direct result of this project. The expected outcomes are an adapted furnace design and a demonstrated and validated furnace with a French host, Dalkia, as the first international customer be serve as a foothold for international roll-out of the innovation. The success criterion for Dall Energy is to be able to sell Dall Energy biomass systems on fully commercial terms across Europe when the project is concluded.

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