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Connected cars for real time smart road maintenance and increased driving safety

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - Klimator-RSI (Connected cars for real time smart road maintenance and increased driving safety)

Reporting period: 2019-03-01 to 2019-11-30

Correct road maintenance is crucial for ensuring good traffic flow and to maintain safety standards for road users. Safety is one of the most critical factors in road maintenance with over 26,000 lives lost on EU roads alone with another 135,000 seriously injured with the total social cost estimated at €100 bn. Adverse weather conditions are the primary source of road accidents, with the risk increased by nine times on snowy roads and 20 times on icy roads.

Current conventional methods for monitoring and forecasting road conditions have several disadvantages such as; cannot present real-time road surface data for an entire region at road level or are too costly to implement for the complete road network. These disadvantages mean that winter road maintenance is still undertaken using the experience and decision making of the staff without the use of real-time data to aid decision making.

To address this need, Klimator presents its Road Status Information (RSI) technology, which uses novel algorithms to interpret four key data sources to monitor and predict road surface conditions on an entire road network with a well-designed and clear user-interface. Once the algorithms process the data, it is represented on a visual map, displaying the whole road network. RSI allows contractors to decrease 20-30% of winter road maintenance costs while increasing the safety and efficiency of the roads by keeping them open and decreasing costs (-5% vehicle wear, -20% fuel usage).

The data produced using this system is also provided to OEMs (car manufacturers) as a road condition and route based forecast mapping service, to give drivers real-time information to increase safety and increase the availability of autonomous features.
During the project, Klimator has advanced its exploitation and dissemination activities as well as developed a business model more suitable for the world of IoT. By introducing RSI 4.o in October 2019 Klimator initiated its next phase of growth: acceleration phase. The company has during the first and second period of the SME project gone from five to 15 employees and with a customer base ten times larger than before the project was initiated. By attending multiple fairs, conferences and leaning heavy into further development of the product Klimator has managed to truly channel the possibilities of the SME project which has had very prosperous outcomes. As a consequence of the growth, the automotive industry has shown significant interest in the company and the data provided by our unique algorithms. After the project was finalized, we had a total of five proof of concepts with four different carmakers; evaluating our data for increased safety in the vehicle and availability of highly advanced autonomous features. Next for Klimator is to exploit the established partnerships to increase our presence in the automotive scene, advance our marketing and position us as a market leader within road weather data globally.
Why our customers use Klimator as their sole road weather provider:
• We increase the availability of autonomous features in the next generation cars
• We take the guesswork out of winter maintenance
• We provide fact-based decision support to traffic management systems
• We provide a better ETA for logistic companies, taxi and public transport

Klimator’s innovative technology uses unique algorithms to interpret critical data sources to monitor and predict road surface conditions on an entire road network with a well-designed and clear user interface. Klimator-RSI increases the accuracy of road status data thanks to the creation of a massive network of connected cars (made of vehicles circulating on real-time through each road segment.

Our climate model uses meteorological data, and our algorithms processes this together with connected cars data and GIS data to interpret and transform it into precise and reliable road weather information of a whole network. The information can be represented on a visual map or accessed via an API that our customers gain access to.

This is integrated into the user interface and provide a clear warning when the individual segments of road need actions such as de-icing or gritting to assist road authorities and maintenance contractors.

Klimator offers many advantages over conventional technologies; such as:
• Information about the entire road network
• Real-time measurements of road surface conditions
• Capacity to deliver accurate forecasting information
• Integration of road maintenance data
• Huge connected car data network to provide accurate real on-time data.
• Easy and cheap to implement and operate
• Road maintenance specific user interface with clear instructions
• Reductions in costs for operators