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Graphene for Semiconductor Industry

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - G4SEMI (Graphene for Semiconductor Industry)

Période du rapport: 2019-05-01 au 2020-04-30

G4SEMI project aims to introduce Graphene-on-wafers into semiconductor fabrication plants (fabs) and develop the potential of graphene for advanced electronic systems by means of combining large scale graphene synthesis (200mm wafers) and conventional CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology in order to integrate graphene into existing manufacturing processes.
A 200mm CVD pilot plant has been successfully installed at Grapheneás facilities for the scale up of graphene growth on Cu catalyst.
The investigation of catalyst treatments, and the adjustment of growth parameters as well as some hardware design revisions, have allowed Graphenea to achieve 200mm scale graphene growth. It has been demonstrated that it is possible to achieve large area graphene on catalyst and on wafer.
Under the framework of a custom-made graphene integration scenario a modified transfer method has been defined. Graphene is successfully transferred to semiconductor substrates at 200mm scale. Polymeric and metal contaminants are critical to achieve graphene on wafer under the defined specifications.
A quality control protocol has been defined to ensure a batch to batch reproducibility of a standard graphene-on-wafer product.
During this first year we have established a dissemination plan to reach those audiences that can be interested in our scale up capacity and can work in collaboration with us to develop new CVD graphene on wafer applications. We have attended trade shows and conferences, and we have arranged face to face meetings with customers, to show our development to potential customers.
It is the first time that a pilot line to produce graphene on 200mm scale has been established.
This will enable the introduction of graphene in industrial applications where the minimum scale is 200mm size.
Graphene transferred on to 200mm wafer