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Modelling Knowledge About Complex Technical Systems for Multiple Use


The overall goal of KACTUS is to enhance the re-use of knowledge in the CIME area by developing standards for the re-use of knowledge and by providing re-usable application-independent domain knowledge-bases (ontologies) in different application areas (ship structures, electrical networks, and production processes of off-shore oil platforms).

KACTUS will first define an ontology formalism by integrating STEP, Knowledge Interchange Format and CommonKADS with a baseline architecture for knowledge re-use taken from existing approaches such as STEP and CommonKADS. Ontologies will then be developed in three domains: electrical networks, ship structures and production processes of off-shore oil platforms. KACTUS will also develop tools to maintain the ontologies and to support the development of specific applications from these ontologies. The ontologies, techniques and tools to be developed in KACTUS will be validated by building several applications in the three domains referred to.

KACTUS will enhance existing product modelling standards and formats for knowledge representation and re-use, driven by the requirements of complex technical systems. These requirements will be made concrete by the applications brought into the project by its industrial partners. KACTUS will contribute to the standardisation of product models (STEP), the standardisation efforts in knowledge representation (EuroKnowledge) and the validation of evolving standards. KACTUS will also contribute to the development of knowledge modelling techniques based on re-usable ontologies. Finally, KACTUS will produce substantial domain knowledge-bases (ontologies) in the selected domains that can be re-used in the construction of new applications for the same product or the construction of similar applications in new but related domains.


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