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Green Vehicle Index Project


Initial Roadmap report

First draft of roadmap of GVI and Green NCAP project. In the roadmpa it will be identified future tests and ratings for the period 2021 - 2026, in line with the views of the test partners and complementary to the specifications of state-of-the-art environmental standards and environmental legislation.

Updated laboratory test procedures report

Report with description and requirements of protcols related to laboratory testing, here it will be included protocols of: - cold ambient temperature test, all pollutants in scope, CO2 emissions, fuel / energy consumption - Development test Ammonia NH3 level - Development lab test to measure NxOy, separation levels NO, NO2 and N2O emitted

Verification and Validation lab tests of 51 vehicles report

Results of the 51 vehicles tested during the project in the laboratory tests. This task comprises of validating the scoring and assessment methodology established in WP1 by testing a sample of 51 vehicles according to the test procedures defined in task 2.1. These 51 comprehensive test results will be post-processed with the rating sheet established in WP1 leading to a large database of rating scores to make the program relevant to consumers and to stakeholders

Verification and Validation real driving tests of 51 vehicles report

Report describing the final results of the 51 vehicles tested in real driving conditions. The sample will be composed of 51 vehicles complying at minimum with Euro 6d temp with different propulsion technologies and fuels, from conventional petrol and diesel propelled vehicles to full electric vehicles and gaseous fuel vehicles

Updated Roadmap report

Last version of the roadmap including results WP2 and WP3. Roadmap ensuring that state-of-the-art technologies and propulsion systems will be covered by the assessment methodology developed, by a two-step approach roadmap, 1) period 2023-2026 for latest technologies available 2) period up to 2030 for guidance of anticipated future developments till 2030 and beyond

Exploitation Plan

Description of exploitation activities of the project

Final event

Report on final event of the project to show results and inviting relevant stakeholders. A description of the target audience including consumers’ organizations, research institutions, policy and decision makers, scientific and industrial experts.