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Smart Adaptive Remote Diagnostic Antitampering Systems


Dissemination and Exploitation plan

This report will not be open to the public since it will contain information on tampering methods that may assist tampering efforts in the market.

Status quo of critical tampering techniques and proposal of required new OBD monitoring functions

Results of the testing of tampering devices with a description of root causes and working principles of the different tampering techniques found and systems tested and proposal for new OBD monitoring functions.

Summary of the hackathon and security and resilience evaluation of the level 1 concept

Outcome of the evaluation with the hackathon and by independent security experts, recommendation for development.

The market of cheating devices and testing matrix with a prioritization for testing of vehicle tampering technique combinations

Concise and categorized overview of the cheating devices, impacts and current and future risks. A prioritization matrix to identify the most important tampering techniques for testing.

In-vehicular antitampering security techniques and integration

Discuss the security mechanisms developed for providing security inside the vehicle, e.g., sensor security, secured CAN, stateful firewall, intrusion detection.

DIAS Project Handbook – inception version

The operational procedures and processes for the project regarding information sharing/data management, meetings, quality assurance, risk management and ethics.

Blockchain and cloud-based methods for provision of certified data

The Blockchain and cloudbased approach for provision of authentic data from the vehicle will be documented including methods for device access limitation

Website of the project

The website will be open to the public and stakeholders to promote the project and be used for reaching out stakeholders during the initial communication. It will also be used for the communication of open events such the hackathons and data collection campaigns.

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