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PALAEMON – A holistic passenger ship evacuation and rescue ecosystem


Exploitation, Sustainability & Business Plans & Exploitation activities (1)

This deliverable is the business, sustainability and business plan at the end of the first year of the project.

Report on the analysis of SoA, existing and past projects/ initiatives

The document is the result of the State Of the Art analysis performed in task 3.1. It also describes the previous initiatives and projects in the domain that can support PALAEMON approach.

Ethics Manual and Guidelines for data protection and safety in passenger ships

The documents elaborates a manual that contains all the rules and laws that apply in passenger ships for the protection of personal data and for the ethical management of all the persons. The manual will support the development of PALAEMON solutions to verify that it is done in respect of the Ethical rules.

UAV Platforms requirements and specifications (V1)

The deliverable contains the specification of the unmanned air system that will be used to monitor the evacuation process and that will also be used as a communication relay with the Rescue Coordination Centre and other vessels.

PALAEMON Dissemination Plan and activities report

This deliverable identifies all the dissemination activities and opportunities that will be used to promote PALAEMON methods and outcomes.

PALAEMON Architecture (V1)

This document describes the architecture of the first version of PALAEMON system (V1). The document presents also how the user requirements are fulfilled by the various modules of the system.

First version of PALAEMON Requirement Capture Framework

The document is the first version of user requirement for the PALAEMON system. It encompasses functional and operational requirements expressed through T3.2 and will be the reference for the system development.

Market analysis

This deliverable describes the market analysis for PALAEMON solutions (business cases, business models) to support the future exploitation for the consortium.

First version of PALAEMON Use Cases Definition & Operational Requirements

This document describes the use cases that will be taken into account for PALAEMON development and the associated operational requirements (conditions) in which the system will be operated. It is the first version of the document for PALAEMON V1.

Initial Data Management Plan

The data management plan describes what types of data will be collected, from whom, which what volume, frequency. It also describes how the data are stored, who is responsible of them, during how much time and the measures taken for their protection.

Naval architecture studies, GA and lines of MEV-I

This document describes the architecture of the composite MEV-I taking into account the specifications and requirements set in WP2. It corresponds to Task 4.1 outcome.

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