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Supercritical CARbon dioxide/Alternative fluids Blends for Efficiency Upgrade of Solar power plants


First Dissemination and Communication Plan

This plan will contain all the information regarding overall dissemination activity: type of activities, schedule, who’s who information (roles and responsibilities) of both the past and future dissemination activities. This is devised as a roadmap to any information produced by the project

Report on Best Available Technologies (BAT) for central receiver systems

This deliverable presents the outcome of Subtask 5.1.1. It collects the information about the Best Available Technologies (from a techno-economic standpoint) amongst those currently used in (i.e. steam Rankine cycle) or potentially applicable to (i.e., already proposed in literature) CSP plants based on central receiver systems. This information constitutes a mandatory starting point since it will later be used to benchmark SCARABEUS. The sources for information will be the scientific literature and the proprietary information owned by the industry partners of the consortium that have experience in the design, construction and operation of CSP power plants as well as information from scientific databases.

Preliminary Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan will follow the guidelines set forth in the Open Research Data Pilot in Horizon 2020. This DMP will contain the data management strategy and the consortium’s policy on the management of information. Regular updates will be implemented though non-regular updates will also be possible whenever it is justified by the development of the project. The DMP will make use of the template provided by the EC.

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