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5G European Validation platform for Extensive trials


Report on Training activities after Year 1

Report on Training activities after Year 1

Sites facilities planning

This document describes the planning for sites facilities deployment. Detailed information about implementation, test and validation will be included

Requirements definition and analysis from participant vertical industries

This document lists the requirements from vertical industries participating in 5G-EVE.

Initial detailed architectural and functional site facilities description

This document describes the architecture and the main functionalities that will be implemented in each site facility.

Interworking capability definition and gap analysis document

It identifies the common interworking capabilities, at both control plane and data plane, that are needed at each of the different site facilities for a proper interworking, as well as the capabilities that are not yet deployed in each of the site facilities in order to speed up its deployment.

Interworking reference model

This document describes a reference model that meets the requirements for interworking of the site facilities that compose the 5G-EVE end to end facility.

KPI collection Framework

This document describes how the KPI is collected and integrated in the project and how this can be used for different verticals and architectures validations.

Disjoint testing and validation tools

A first version of local per-site facility testing tools to assist the 5G-EVE internal partners with functional testing of early features.

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