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COst REduction and increase performance of floating WIND technology


Review of the state of the art of mooring and anchoring designs, technical challenges and identification of relevant DLCs

Definition of the benchmark versus which developments in WP2 will be performed and will thus summarize current mooring and anchoring state of the art for floating wind projects currently installed or being engineered. Document will then identify the critical design parameters, constraints and key performance indicators. Finally design load cases for station keeping system will be specifically addressed in this document to complement WP1 output.

Review of the state of the art of dynamic cable system designs

Report defining state of the art in relation to dynamic cables for floating wind projects currently employed. Opportunities for technology exploitation for future development towards next level commercialization will also be identified.

Report of initial kick-off meeting

Information about the Kick-off Meeting will be delivered. It will include intial tasks, discussions and actions decided to be taken into account.

Definition of the 15MW Reference Wind Turbine

Description and HAWC2 model of the 15MW reference wind turbine

Design load basis

Location, depth, met-ocean conditons, soil information, design load cases for the two 15MW floater-turbine concepts.

Creation of the project corporate identity

Explanation of the corporate identity of the Project. It will include a project logo (full colour, grayscale and black and white versions), a project slogan, social media design, newsletter design and templates for official communications, including MS PowerPoint presentations, MS Word documents and the project deliverables.

Initial Flyers

A one-page flyer will be created presenting the basic information of the project asobjectives, duration, partners involved and website page to be distributed by all the project partners in meetings, events and workshops.

Website launched and set-up of social media profiles

Project website and social media profiles ready.

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