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Smart and flexible heat and power from biomass derived liquids for small-scale CHP application


Communication package

This deliverable describes the publication of the SmartCHP communication package, including brochure, roll-up banner and poster, standard presentation with key messages, and the project website. This is linked to Task 7.4.

Promotional video

The SmartCHP promotional video will be posted online via the website and online video sharing websites This is linked to Task 74

Market study

An evaluation of the European market for FPBO-fuelled CHP systems will be prepared. The report will include information on target markets and trends, competing technologies and potential en-users.Deliverable linked to task 6.1

Socio-economic impact assessment report

In this the deliverable report based on the business cases and expected market size for the selected regions as performed in WP6 the socioeconomic impacts of the use of SmartCHP systems will be assessed This includes value added taxes paid to the government contributions to activities in the local economy direct and indirect employment and educational levels Deliverable linked to task 54

Engine Performance using FPBO

A report containing engine tests of FPBOs from several feedstocks on a small single cylinder engine The engine tests contain emission measurements including soot and NOx cylinder pressure analysis and efficiencyDeliverable linked to task 32

Collaboration with other projects, networks and initiatives

This report will describe how during the whole project SmartCHP partners have engaged and collaborated with other relevant projects networks and initiatives This is linked to Task 75

Assessment of legal and regulatory issues

In this task and report the relevant legal and regulatory issues in 5 focus countries will be identified and a trajectory with measures will be proposed to adapt the technology or the legal framework where appropriate Deliverable linked to task 65

Boiler Performance using FPBO for a SmartCHP system

A report describing the boiler performance emission levels flame stability using FPBO under typical engine load conditions A proper startstop strategy will be developed since FPBO is difficult to ignite and special measures have to be implemented high performance electric ignitors to prevent unacceptable number of failed ignitionsDeliverable linked to task 33

Consumer and public acceptance assessment report

In this deliverable the three dimensions of social acceptance sociopolitical acceptance community acceptance and market acceptance of the future market introduction of SmartCHP systems are assessed The assessment will focus on 5 relevant countries as social acceptance can vary considerably between countries In the deliverable the findings are presented and summarised Deliverable linked to task 53

Biomass supply chain assessment report

A public report will be delivered by month 44 The report will contain biomass supply chain assessment where different feedstocks will be evaluated and selected It will include collection pretretament and logistics of biomassfrom a technoeconomic viewpoint ie assessment of required equipment needed labour material energy use other costs leading to insight in technical feasibility CAPEX and OPEX and related risks of the different supply chains Deliverable linked to task 23

The determination of the ignition and combustion characteristics of FPBO

A report on the ignition characteristics (Derived Cetane Number) of several FPBO's from different feedstocks. Data will be obtained from a constant volume vessel (CRU) at a relevant selected set of conditions with respect to pressure and temperature. Deliverable linked to task 3.1

Performance testing of the integrated SmartCHP prototype

This report describes the integral testing of the complete SmartCHP prototype It will contain a description of the system as well the actual performance achieved within the project It is linked to task 44

Life Cycle Assessment report

This deliverable concerns a screening Life Cycle Analysis LCA to compare the environmental impacts of four supply chains from biomass pyrolysis oil production and its application in SmartCHP systems compared to fossil reference cases like gas and oil The report provides quantitative insight in the environmental performance benefits and possible risks of FPBO supply and combustion in SmartCHP systems Deliverable linked to task 52

Fundamental spray combustion characteristics of FPBO and blends

A report containing detailed combustion characteristics of FPBOs form several feedstocks Consistent data will be obtained on a constant volume setup with optical access CRU at relevant pressures and temperatures The combustion performance of the complete spray combustion event up to the burnout phase will be analysed based on optical and pressure dataDeliverable linked to task 31

Final recommendations for policy makers

Based on the outcomes of the Work Packages and the coherent assessment performed in task71 in this deliverable a reduced set of policy recommendations will be derived The report will be an executive summary for policy makers of three to five pages Deliverable linked to task 66

Final SmartCHP financial and economic analyses for different use cases including hybrid systems - publishable report

This publishable report presents the key elements of the final financial and economic analyses carried out in Task 63 and task 64 for different use cases including hybrid systems using the final outcomes of other tasks

Safe handling and transport of FPBO

Safe handling and Transport of FPBO Evaluation processes that allow save and userfriendly transport storage and handling of FPBO The evaluation reported in a report will cover ao o issues related REACH legislation o transport from the production plant to a SmartCHP unit o local storage o safe unloading o instructions for safe maintenanceIt will include copies of health and safety relevant documents documenting adherence to EU standards and legislation eg GHS HAZOP and other risk assessments safety plans legal compliance assessmentsDeliverable linked to task 27

The production of FPBO from selected feedstock

The biomass delivered by CAPAX will be pyrolysed Experiments are performed in a 35 kgh test facility This deliverable report is linked to Task 24 and contains mass energy balances and information on oil quality

Publishable final report

This report will be extracted from the the confidential final report Confidential information will be removed and content is public Deliverable linked to task 12

Update report on TR to support standardization

The existing TR on FPBO use in engines will be used as a the starting document The data and experience gained in the project will be added to obtain an improved version This deliverable is linked to Task 26

Report on the control model

Description of the control algorithms for the total SmartCHP system developed based on the model implemented in T41 Deliverable linked to task 42

Sustainability assessment report

This deliverable presents a sustainability analysis of four SmartCHP supply chains from feedstock to end user. The report results in quantitative insight in RED II GHG reductions and identification of potential sustainability risks. Deliverable linked to task 5.1


Effects of oxygen enrichment on diesel spray flame soot formation in O2/Ar atmosphere

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A predictive dynamic model of a smart cogeneration plant fuelled with fast pyrolysis bio-oil

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Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of N-Butanol and FPBO/N-Butanol Blends With Addition of Ignition Improver

Author(s): Yu Wang; Jinlin Han; Noud Maes; Michel Cuijpers; Bart Somers
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Model-based fault diagnosis of selective catalytic reduction for a smart cogeneration plant running on fast pyrolysis bio-oil

Author(s): Seyed Mohammad Asadzadeh, Nils Axel Andersen
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Smart and flexible heat & power from fast pyrolysis oil

Author(s): van de Beld, Bert Florijn, Jan Holle, Elmar de Laat, Tessa Scheer, Rick Preijde, Daan
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Publisher: ETA Florence Renewable Energies (ETA Srl)
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10148384

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