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No more stress about bicycle theft


Rampant bike theft is a pressing global urban problem. 2 out of 3 Europeans either have been victims themselves, or have a victim in their family or close friends circle. There were 450,000 stolen bikes reported in the Netherlands in 2011, 340,000 in 2014 in Germany. In Italy, one of the biggest biking markets in EU ~320,000 bicycles are stolen every year.
On average only 20% of thefts is reported to the police. We estimate that 4m+ bicycles are stolen in Europe every year, that means 1 every 7 minutes. Only 4-5% of bikes stolen get returned, making bike thievery is essentially a risk-free crime. Finding a stolen bike is difficult, evidence is scarce, and police is simply not going to allocate staff to such thefts. Discouraged by theft, up to 23% of victims never replace their bikes. Overall global economic damages of bike theft are ~€1.9bn annually.
Kissmybike by KMB Lab is the 1st bike anti-theft solution that combines innovative proprietary tracking technology with digital owner fingerprinting & collection of forensic data needed by the police for the recovery & insurance companies for the pay-outs.
Through tight collaboration with police & alignment with requirements of police on bike recovery, Kissmybike is the only solution that can increase the recovery rates at least 10x to 40-50%.
With the total of 1.7m e-bikes sold in EU (and 1.1m produced) in 2016, we are aiming at a 15% share of all e-bikes sold in EU by 2023 (at least 250,000 e-bikes equipped with Kissmybike) with revenues of €25m+.
We will commercialize Kissmybike to bike manufacturers & dealers, and will seek strategic partnerships with bike sharing/renting programs to achieve scale as quickly as possible. We have already demonstrated the technical feasibility of Kissmybike and established early market traction—with the Italian bike manufacturer Fantic Motor.

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