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Ionometallurgy of primary sources for an enhanced raw materials recovery


Communication and dissemination plan

Plan related to the communication and dissemination activities

Market analysis final report: trends in applications using materials targeted by Ion4Raw process and assessment of the process impact on EU supply criticality

This deliverable includes the final results from task 7.2.

DES treatment and reuse procedures

Report describing DES reuse strategies and solventDES separation procedure including DES degradability assessment and metal recovery from DES

Project website development

Report related to the development of the Ion4Raw website

Mapping of by-product potential in mineral deposits

Spreadsheets of data compilation, report on the methodology, data application examples and overall assessment.

Final report on communication activities

Completed and revised communication activities report

Life Cycle Assessment

This deliverable includes the Life Cycle Assessment developed within task 7.1.

Technical note and methodology guide for sampling and sample preparation

Open-access report on rock sampling procedure and sample preparation methodology to contribute in preservation and representativity of by-products


Electrochemical Recovery of Au and Ag from ore Deposits using Innovative Deep Eutectic Solvent Ionic Liquids

Author(s): Gøril Jahrsengene, Zhaohui Wang, Ana Maria Martinez
Published in: Reactive Metals Workshop at MIT, 2023
Publisher: Reactive Metals Workshop (RMW 16)

Time lapse dissolution rates in 3D by using x-ray tomography

Author(s): Chandra Widyananda Winardhi, Jose Godinho, Jens Gutzmer and Gero Frisch
Published in: 2021
Publisher: Goldschmidt 2021 conference, 4-9 July 2021

Assessment of critical raw materials potential from Cu-Au deposits through the European Ion4Raw project

Author(s): B. Gourcerol, L. Bailly, P. Moreau, I. Duhamel-Achin, P. Négrel, W. Warscheid
Published in: 36th International Geological Congress, 2020
Publisher: 36th International Geological Congress

ION4RAW: Improving Metal Recovery in Cu-Pb-Zn (Au-Ag) ore deposits through inventory of by-products and critical raw materials

Author(s): Moreau P., Duhamel-Achin I., Gourcerol B., Lach P., Lerouge C., Maubec N., Negrel Ph., Wille G
Published in: EGU Conference, 2022
Publisher: EGU Conference

Electrochemical Investigations of Ag and Bi in Choline Chloride-Ethylene Glycol DES Electrolyte

Author(s): Gøril Jahrsengene, Zhaohui Wang, Ana Maria Martinez
Published in: ECS Meeting Abstracts, Issue Vol MA2023-01, 2023, ISSN 2151-2043
Publisher: The Electrochemical Society, ECS Digital Library

Oral presentation at EWLA - ore characterisation

Author(s): Lerouge, Catherine; Lach, Philippe; Wille, Guillaume; Duhamel Achin, Isabelle; Gourcerol, Blandine; Moreau, Pauline; Warscheid, Werner; Negrel Philippe
Published in: EWLA Conference, 2022
Publisher: EWLA Conference
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8130873

Premiers essais d’évaluation de la disponibilité des éléments traces CRM dans les minerais aurifères et cuprifères européens pour la récupération par ionométallurgie (Projet H2020 Ion4Raw)

Author(s): Duhamel-Achin, Isabelle; Moreau, Pauline; Lerouge, Catherine; Gourcerol, Blandine
Published in: Journées scientifiques du GDR Prométhée, Mar 2022, Toulouse, France, 2022
Publisher: HALL Open science

"Substances critiques : “Quel potentiel de ressources en France et en Europe ?"""

Author(s): Isabelle Duhamel-Achin
Published in: Mines et Carrières, Issue special edition RÉSILIENCE DE L’INDUSTRIE MINÉRALE APRÈS LA CRISE SANITAIRE, February 2022, 2022, Page(s) 39-46, ISSN 0994-2556
Publisher: Mines & carrières, SIM

Recovering critical raw materials

Author(s): Maria Tripiana, editorial team EU Research Magazine
Published in: EU Research Magazine, Spring 2023, 2023, Page(s) 50-53, ISSN 2752-4736
Publisher: Blazon Publishing Ltd
DOI: 10.56181/etuq3384

Green, efficient approach transforms metal extraction

Author(s): Maria Tripiana
Published in: Safety, sustainability and security for Europe’s mineral processing industry, 2023, ISSN 2599-8293
Publisher: EU Publications: 2023-11-28
DOI: 10.2830/517520

Predictive assessment of metallogenic signatures using the DataBase Querying (DBQ) method: A European application

Author(s): Gourcerol Blandine; Bertrand Guillaume; Bailly Laurent; Moreau Pauline; Duhmael-Acin Isabelle; Picault Maxime; Négrel Philippe
Published in: ScienceDirect/Journal of Geochemical Exploration/Vol236, May 2022, 106966, Issue Volume 236, 2022, ISSN 0375-6742
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1016/j.gexplo.2022.106966

The Effect of Macroscopic Particle Features on Mineral Dissolution

Author(s): Chandra Widyananda Winardhi; Jose Ricardo da Assuncao Godinho; Jens Gutzmer
Published in: Volume 13, Issue Issue 2, 2023, ISSN 2075-163X
Publisher: MDPI, Section Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy
DOI: 10.3390/min13020253

A particle-based approach to predict the success and selectivity of leaching processes using ethaline - Comparison of simulated and experimental results

Author(s): Winardhi, Chandra Widyananda; Ricardo da Assuncao Godinho, Jose; Rachmawati, Cindy; Achin, Isabelle Duhamel; Iturbe, Ainhoa Unzurrunzaga; Frisch, Gero; Gutzmer, Jens
Published in: ScienceDirect/Hydrometallurgy/Vol 211, May 2022, 105869, Issue Volume 211, 2022, ISSN 0304-386X
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1016/j.hydromet.2022.105869

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