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Development and market penetration of an innovative water purification technology for industrial applications

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - AQUA PUR TM (Development and market penetration of an innovative water purification technology for industrial applications)

Reporting period: 2018-06-01 to 2018-11-30

Water is a limited resource in the EU, with one third of the EU territory experiencing water stress. high-purity water is essential in industrial applications - for manufacturing, in cooling towers, as boiler feed water rinsing, cleaning and ensuring product quality- in Europe and worldwide. In Europe, close to three quarters of freshwater is consumed by the industrial sector. By 2020, the market for industrial water treatment technologies is expected to grow 50% (UN WWDR 2017). According to the OECD (2012), water demand for manufacturing is projected to increase by 400% over the period 2000–2050. As a result of AQUAU-PURTM Lean Canvas, BIOAZUL has identified main 3 facts related to the market opportunity for BIOAZUL to enter with this solution in the market: a) High demand of purified water at industrial level; b) inefficient current purification systems; and c) need to reduce their industrial ecological footprint.
A broad market penetration of AQUA-PUR™ can save Europe more than 120 million m3 water per year in consumption by the fact of the high wastewater reused rate. The environmental and social benefits can be summarized as follows: 1) High water and energy efficiency lead to a water efficiency surpassing 97% as well as 45% in energy savings and 60% of CO2-emissions reduction during water purification processes; 2) Boost of the competitiveness of the European industrial clients, fulfilling already upcoming changes in legislation. It will make them more sustainable in terms of corporate environmental responsibility; 3) Elimination of chemical softener in targeted industrial applications, thereby actively preventing the development of alkali soil; and 4) Substantial reduction of fresh water consumption of targeted industries and therefore the pressure of water resources.
Main objectives, linked to the AQUA-PURTM selling points are: (1) Evidenced higher water and energy savings rates, resulting in a high cost-effectiveness; (2) Reduced fresh water input and wastewater discharge costs, which will lead to a fast pay-back period of 12-18 month; (3) Easy handling and low maintenance costs (no pre-treatment required & long membrane life time); (4) Compact (small footprint) and totally automated (all the operation parameters are online-monitored and automatically or manually adjusted in a programmable logic controller); (5) Quick, easy and inexpensive installation. The commissioning of the plant is a “plug and play” process; (6) Environment and climate protection
The work performed included a Market Analysis in European regions (Type of Water Treatment Systems, prices, comparison of properties), a profile of suitable clients (total cost of production, size of water treatment industry, suppliers), an assessment of the price trends of water treatment systems and price elasticity of the demand. In addition, we established a distributions network and set up of partnerships in the detected main target countries. Furthermore, a determination of AQUA-PURTM commercialization strategies adapted to each region has been executed including the compilation of a database of potential customers, end-users and competitors. We also concluded the Internal planning on production capacity (knowledge, employments, infrastructure), the determination of requirements for the AQUA-PUR™ system for its commercialization and the development of a business plan.
The executed feasibility study and the advanced business plan are milestones for the further development and market introduction of our technology. We have identified several small short-comings and developed actions to overcome them. The project has further extend our knowledge in water purification, treatment and reuse and serves as basis for future developments in eco-innovative water solutions and the recuperation of products from the concentrate streams, opening up new market opportunities and significantly increase our competitiveness as SME. In our business strategy, we are planning a combination of our own production site initially and manufacturing licenses for specific regions in Europe directly creating over 100 jobs