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The definitive 100% energy autonomous, CO2-free and recyclable last mile solution

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BICAR (The definitive 100% energy autonomous, CO2-free and recyclable last mile solution)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-09-30

The BICAR is an all-in-one emission-free and sustainable micro mobility solution. Currently, BICAR is a functional prototype demonstrated in a relevant environment (TRL6). The BICAR Feasibility Study places itself in the middle of the development process which goes from the conceptual idea of BICAR to the commercialization of the vehicle and its market uptake.
Technical Feasibility: With the support of TÜV-SÜD, a certification consultancy business, we identified the technical developments be implemented during Phase 2 to meet the safety and environmental requirements that motor vehicles must comply with before being placed on the EU market (EU Directive 2007/46/EC).
Commercial Feasibility: We analyzed the micro mobility market, narrowing the analysis to the main customer groups that we will target. After a deep analysis of the market and receiving feedback from key stakeholders, we decided to shift our strategy and target the business fleet operators or sharing mobility providers as our direct customers. SYB proposes itself as individual micro mobility vehicle provider, selling directly to B2C and to B2B a sustainable, electric, safe and easy to drive mobility solution for urban areas and cities
Financial Feasibility: We outlined and demonstrated our sale and price strategy, setting an initial commercialization plan that will initially target B2B and then, starting from year 2 of commercialization, private citizens (B2C) with direct sales.
The Feasibility Study shows the need for very careful IPR management especially of any new technical development that may arise and need to be regulated. We also outlined the main activities to be implemented during the BICAR Phase 2 project (24 months: 2019- 2021).
The BICAR is a cost-effective individual mobility solution which integrates itself into a Smart and Sustainable City concept and multimodal system complementing the public transport with comfort and safety, relieving the inner-city congestion, and solving the “first and last mile” issue.
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