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ANTOFERINE: An innovative eco-friendly process for chemical solvent free extraction of bioactive antifungal polyphenols from vineyard waste.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ANTOFERINE (ANTOFERINE: An innovative eco-friendly process for chemical solvent free extraction of bioactive antifungal polyphenols from vineyard waste.)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-08-31

Food loss is a global problem that affects food security, food availability and environmental sustainability, and represents a source of important economic losses. Around 80% of the fruit and vegetable losses at the post-harvest stage are due to fungal infections. During the last century, the extensive use of synthetic pesticides in agriculture led to an increase in food productivity but synthetic pesticides can have detrimental effects on plants, human health and environment.
We have developed a new chemical-free biocontrol solution, Antoférine, which offers an innovative and natural solution to protect post-harvested fresh produce from fungal contamination and, this way, increases its shelf-life. The natural origin of our product aligns with consumers demands and ensures compliance with current food regulations.
The main objectives of the project are:
• Industrialisation of the production process and optimization of the formula.
• Obtaining the authorizations to commercialize.
• Consolidate and expand our commercial network.
The FS shows the novelty of our innovation and the great benefits that would bring to all the members of the food supply chain. Further, confirms its technical feasibility and commercial profitability even in the worst scenario.
TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY, including: Product specification and technology description; State of the Art analysis; Detailed technical plan to increase TRL to 9; Analysis of risks and contingency plan.
COMMERCIAL PLAN, including: Market analysis; End-user’s segmentation; Main competitors; Commercial plan; Exploitation activities, including IPR strategy; SoA and FTO analysis. The post-harvest preservation market is a market with huge potential and no solutions comparable to ours.
FINANCIAL PLAN, including: Business model, Cost structure and price policy; Business projections for the first 5 years of Antoférine commercialization and 3 sales scenarios. Even in this worst-case scenario, we will be able to generate a big turnover, profit and new job positions.
In views of the scarce and inefficient options available today, Antoférine is expected to become a reference in the post-harvest field. Antoférine will have a huge impact: 1) will bring great economic benefits to all the food supply chain, 2) safer food to consumers, 2) will also help to reduce contamination, and food and agricultural waste, and 4) will allow an enormous growth for our company. Further, with Antoférine we intend to foster a paradigm shift towards methods inspired by nature.
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