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Agent-based support tool for the development of agriculture policies


Standardised methodology and set of ontologies for the characterisation of data sources

This deliverable contains the description of the methodology used for characterising data sources within the AGRICORE project and the set of ontologies used.

Directives on gender equality and non-discrimination within AGRICORE

This deliverable will provide clear guidelines so as to ensure avoiding gender biases within the research and development work of the project.

AGRICORE requirements and project management platform

This document will summarise the requirements established for the development of the AGRICORE platform.

State of the art review of agricultural policy assessment models, tools and indicators

This report details the results of the thorough analysis conducted on the scientific bibliography and the state of the art on the topics related to the five modules proposed in WP5

Use case participatory research actions

This document summarises the result of the analyses conducted on the information available towards the execution of the use cases. In this way, it describes the different research actions to be made within this use cases.

Report on IPR/Exploitation seminars

This report will detail the results of the three proposed workshops for the IPR management within the project

Software Quality Assurance measures for AGRICORE

This document will detail the different Software Quality Assurance measures defined to be followed in the AGRICORE project.

AGRICORE corporate identity

This deliverable will consist of the established Corporate Identity for the AGRICORE project.

AGRICORE project website

This deliverable will consist of the the website generated for the AGRICORE project, covering both the public and the private areas of it.

Data Management Plan

This deliverable will consist of the project Data Management Plant. This version, produced before the sixth month of the project, will provide a clear methodology to be followed within the project regarding the collection, preservation, generation and use of data. It will also contain clear instructions from the project DPO.

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