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Innovative dual cycle tracking system for contraception and conception on a single device

Project description

Exhale to discover if you are fertile

There are numerous applications that assist women in monitoring their menstrual cycle. The EU-funded ILO project has gone a step further by developing a device that can accurately predict the time of ovulation. It does that by measuring the levels of CO2 in exhaled air as an indicator of the hormonal changes the body undergoes during the menstrual cycle. The device communicates the data to a mobile application, which calculates the stage of the menstrual cycle and the woman’s fertility status. The advantage of the device is that it relies on an objective physiological parameter rather than subjective measurements such as core body temperature.


Women usually track their menstrual cycle for three main reasons: As a natural contraceptive tool, to increase the chances of conceiving or for health-related reasons. However, monitoring every stage of the cycle in an accurate manner has proven challenging, due to the many variables influencing its progression (e.g. irregular periods, stress, etc.). Currently, there are two main approached to cycle tracking: Cycle tracking devices (which represent the old-fashioned approach, fairly reliable but require self-assessment and expertise to get accuracy), and “cutting edge” app-based cycle tracking methods (which are user-friendly, but rely in subjective facts related to the period - e.g. length or amount of bleeding-, traditional measurements -e.g. core body temperature- and algorithms, and lack accuracy. Hence, none of these approaches fulfils the “golden” criteria of being reliable, precise, simple and non-invasive.
At Carbomed, we strive to overcome the limitations of both approaches thanks to our innovative ILO system, the seamlessly combination of a handheld device and an app, that reliably predicts the time of ovulation by relying on a scientifically-based method: Measuring the CO2 levels from exhaled air. ILO conveys the best features from both approaches, being accurate, simple and non-invasive while providing a user-friendly experience thanks to our bespoke app. ILO can be used as a dual cycle tracking device predicting the most fertile window, as a natural contraceptive method, but also as a tracking device for those who want to get pregnant.
For Carbomed, ILO represents a large business opportunity, aimed initially at the child wish market and subsequently (and most importantly) at the contraception market valued at €17.6 billion back in 2016. In this way, we expect to sell 180,500 ILO units in the first three years of commercialization, reaching cumulative profits of €23.39 million by 2023. To reach this goal, we will increase our staff count by 700%.

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