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A sustainable, affordable scalable hydroponic system for large-scale agriculture


The global population is expected to grow rapidly to reach 9 billion by 2050 increasing pressure on farming and food production. Securing a sustainable and affordable method to meet this demand is a global challenge. Hydroponics has been identified as the most efficient way to grow since farmers can plant 4 times the number of crops as in the same area for soil farming, no herbicides or pesticides are required for crop growth thereby reducing the environmental impact and certain crops can grow twice as fast using hydroponics than soil. Phytoponics have developed a revolutionary patent pending
hydroponic growing system that is going to transform agriculture and make fresh produce abundant. Capable of delivering high return on investment at an affordable price, Phytoponics is the first company offering Deep Water Culture technology geared to the hectare scale, giving huge productive benefits to the commercial grower, at half the cost of current offerings, enabling: high produce quality and value; high consistent yields; and high resource efficiency. The system integrates the novel smart growing sack with existing irrigation systems and automated farm management for seamless conversion to hydroponics. Within the overall innovation project, Phytoponics will finalise the scale-up engineering of the Phytoponics system; incorporate electronics to enable the smart systems; scale-up industrial manufacturing; and perform a large-scale demonstration of the hydroponic system involving farmers in the UK and Italy to successfully validate the technology prior to commercialisation. The feasibility study will be an important step to achieving these goals by enabling Phytoponics to undertake the necessary agroeconomic analysis and define the optimal business model, revenue pricing and go-to-market strategy. It will also enable us to scout and select missing players in the value chain and plan, in detail, the remaining
engineering and trials to be undertaken.

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