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Joining forces for genetic resources and biodiversity management


Annual electronic project newsletter

Annual electronic project newsletter (M12, 24, 36) will give updates on significant activities in three domains (three issues of the newsletter). This is not to be confused with the GenRes journal which is a scientific peer-reviewed publication.

1st issuee of GenRes journal

The journal will provide a channel for peer-reviewed publication of technical/scientific articles on conservation and use of GenRes.

Report on standards and quality management (T3.4)

The report will highlight existing standards, identify the need for additional standards and propose additional standards, which might be common to the three domains.

GenRes gateway

GenRes gateway will serve as an entry point to guide different users through GenRes landscape to help them find the needed information and to make the knowledge available to different users.

Wikipedia articles for broad use

Wikipedia articles for broad use articles on GenRes will be created on Wikipedia along with additions to other relevant articles.

Project website

Project website which will be an integral part of the GenRes gateway developed for the duration of the project.

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