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Connecting Thematic Networks as Knowledge Reservoirs: towards a European Agricultural Knowledge Innovation Open Source System


Outcome of the Kick off meeting

Outcomes of the kick off meeting – including the outcomes of the Strategic Innovation Board

Report on HIKR multi actor approach
Report on content and structures of data provision and knowledge formats of TNs
Report on HIKR methodologies and practices for data generation, selection, collection and storage

Report on HIKR methodologies and practices for data generation selection collection and storage

Practice abstracts MOP

20 practice abstracts to be produced at the Middle of the Project (MOP)

Report on used communication and dissemination tools, and information channels of TNS
Dissemination activity report
Report on multi-actor approach in the short, medium and long term of TNS
HIKR technical guidelines
Communications activity reports
Paper vision of SIB on high impact KRs
Report of Euraknos workshop 1
Report on format and design of knowledge reservoirs of TNs
Policy brief
Networking activity reports
Report on HIKR design
Report EURAKNOS workshop 2
API documentation

API documentation: Report on the usage of the API to work as a reference tool to any interested party. All of the API calls will be defined and properly documented.

Report on added value and feasibility of e-KRP
EURAKNOS e-KRP documentation and guide

EURAKNOS e-KRP documentation and guide: Report on the functionalities of the platform and a user guide

Report on HIKR strategies to disseminate, communicate to the end-user and exploit on innovative knowledge and data
Practice Abstracts EOP

80 practice abstracts to be produced at the End of the Project EOP

Summary on current practices and methodologies of TNs
EURAKNOS visuals and specifications

EURAKNOS visuals and specifications to define the future vision for the e-KRP


The Multi-Actor Approach in Thematic Networks for Agriculture and Forestry Innovation

Author(s): Elena Feo; Pieter Spanoghe; Els Berckmoes; Elodie Pascal; Rosa Mosquera-Losada; Alexander Opdebeeck; Sylvia Burssens
Published in: Agricultural and Food Economics, Issue (2022) 10:3, 2022, Page(s) -, ISSN 2193-7532
Publisher: SpringerOpen
DOI: 10.1186/s40100-021-00209-0

The Relevance of Videos as a Practical Tool for Communication 2 and Dissemination in Horizon2020 Thematic Networks

Author(s): Elena Feo, Hannes Mareen, Sylvia Burssens and Pieter Spanoghe
Published in: Sustainability, Issue 13, 2021, ISSN 2071-1050
Publisher: MDPI Open Access Publishing
DOI: 10.3390/xxxxx

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