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Environmental public goods From Farming through Effective Contract Targeting


Analysis of governance arrangements

Submitted manuscript on the outcomes of the analysis of governance arrangements T32

Analysis of contracts

Submitted manuscript on the outcomes of the analysis of contracts T33

Economic-ecological evaluation of schemes

Report on integrated economic and ecological evaluation of innovative schemes

Review of lessons learned

Review of lessons learned from agrienvironmental contracting submitted manuscript

First report on dissemination activities, workshops, events

Dissemination activities workshops events

Factors determining existing scheme uptake

Report on evidence regarding factors determining existing scheme uptake This will be a document which will be used to derive lessons from experience with PES schemes across the EU and beyond task 51

Economic performance of existing schemes

Report on economic performance of existing schemes considering potential trade-offs and synergies when it comes to ecosystem services output

Choice of ecological indicators

A review paper on identification and choice of ecological indicators and on how they can be used in the assessment of environmental effectiveness

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