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Co-design of novel contract models for innovative agri-environmental-climate measures and for valorisation of environmental public goods


Scientific paper (submitted) on options and opportunities to adjust and refine current schemes and measures

D43 assess and synthesize the outcome of second and third round of Policy Innovation Lab workshops and the first two thematic exchange workshops and provides recommendations on adjustments and refinements of current CAP202127 schemes and measures

Review paper (submitted) presenting inventory and categorization of existing approaches

The review paper will present a stateoftheart analysis of currently existing novel contractual models across EU member countries resultsbased collective landtenurebased or value chain approaches and will also present a categorization system for these approaches

Summarizing 5 Practice Abstracts and publishing on EIP-Agri-Platform

Five practice abstracts summarizing project knowledge in an easy and understandable manner. Published through the EIP-Agri-Platform.

Catalogue on methods and tools for Policy Innovation Labs

D41 will report on the information needed for the project partners to set up workshops and meetings in the Policy Innovation Labs The information will include a set of options to allow the project partners to tailor workshops according to the specific needs The information will also be synthesized for project external use

Report on assessment of national policy contexts

D42 will gather the assessments from all Policy Innovation Lab of policy context of current schemes and measures The report will also include a joint assessment across Labs with a focus on resultbased collective land tenure and value chain approaches

Integrated evaluation report of Innovative/ interesting contracts

Each CIL will conduct a selfevaluation via a SWOT analysis to assess selected innovative contractbased approaches which are already in use in their regioncountry for at least two years The evaluations of the 11 CILs will be compiled in one integrated evaluation report

Scientific paper (submitted) on institutional analysis of selected approaches submitted

The paper will present an institutional analysis of the different approaches resultsbased collective landtenurebased or value chain approaches looking at the relevant actors involved in each approach how they interact with each other and in what types of institutional settings One specific focus will be on the analysis of the respective frame conditions under which approaches operate

Report with a set of dream contracts and their expected application domain

In each of the CILs action partners and action supporters will develop alternative dream contracts that are expected to achieve an acceptable balance between practical and economic feasibility for farmersland users and a sustainable delivery of societaldesired environmental public goods and services The dream contracts of all CILs will be combined in one report with indication of their expected application domain

Scientific paper (submitted) on viability of collective approaches

Within this report research we will describe the results of design and conductexperimental public goods games with farmers from Germany Netherlands and Hungary to study their levels of cooperation Collaborative approaches are common in the Netherlands whereas they are rarely used in Germany These two cases are contrasted with Hungary a new member state in which collaborative approaches have been pilottested in a national park area Treatments of our experiments will include but are not limited to the introduction of sanctions rewards differences in collective vs individual payments or leadingbyexample

Shared conceptual framework

Conceptual framework which integrates the social, environmental and economic context of contractual models enabling the (long-term) delivery of agri-environment-climate goods, agreed among all scientific partners. It reconciles different disciplinary bodies of knowledge, and provides the frame for capturing results from the empirical review in WP2.

Summarizing 10 Practice Abstracts and publishing on EIP-Agri-Platform

Ten practice abstracts summarizing project knowledge in an easy and understandable manner Published through the EIPAgriPlatform

11 fact sheets of the contract innovation labs characterization, which will be made available to WP6

As the contract innovation labs (CILs) are building on local expertise and local needs, the 11 CILs will take different shapes and forms in the different countries. In order to capture this diversity in the 9 involved countries, fact sheets will be designed and completed.

Scientific paper (submitted) on win-win and trade-off analysis submitted

The paper will present how the different approaches resultsbased collective landtenurebased or value chain approaches effect the environment in terms of the different ecosystem services provided and the existing winwins and tradeoffs between them

Scientific paper (submitted) on multi-criteria decision making

The paper will present a multi criteria analysis decision support system which can be used to inform the design and evaluation of novel contractual models to assess alternative contractual designs and identify the ones with the highest probability to provide the desired provision of environmental public goods and ecosystem services along with marketable agricultural private goods

Shared analytical framework

Analytical framework used in the analysis of existing approaches, developed jointly to allow categorising approaches by different characteristics, and distinguishing an approach perspective and an instrument perspective

Launch of project website

The website will have a public part open for everyone and a password protected part designed to support the communication in the contract and policy innovation labs of work packages WP3 and WP4

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