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Value chains for disruptive transformation of urban biowaste into biobased products in the city context


Evaluation methodology for measuring the change

This document outlines the behavioural change methodology to evaluate citizen’s awareness and behaviours towards biowaste recycling and acceptance of products

Toolkit: Interventions for change

This document outlines interventions of change for improving the perception and acceptance of users of biowaste derived products.

Catalogue of urban biowaste solutions and good practices examples (M14, M42)

A catalogue of urban biowaste valorisation solutions and good practice examples will be developed based on a multicriteria assessment of examples promoting circular economy and solutions for urban biowaste into e.g. biobased chemicals, bio-based materials and food and feed additives/ingredients.

Business Models Analysis

The deliverable concerns the development and practical setup of new innovative business models based on the outcomes of the project. To this end, firstly identification and analysis of existing Business Models will take place. Collection and analysis of existing business models stemming both from the Circular Economy, namely Circular Business Models (CBMs), and Enabling Business Models (EBMs). The report will also record successful past application of Business Models in Circular Economy through the analysis of selected case studies having similar context with the Project’s PILOTs. Doing so, WaysTUP! project will be able to identify current business model’s trends and how these where successfully implemented in real-life conditions.

Dissemination Pack

This deliverable will include the Communication and Dissemination activities covering participation in relevant events and conferences, awareness-raising campaigns, organisation of the project final conference, press releases, articles in popular newspapers, news feeds and social media, production of all the promotional material required for the online communication activities and the awareness raising campaigns, brochures Project website, newsletters, etc.

Report on barriers for urban biowaste valorisation for biobased products (M14, M42)

This deliverable will include the conceptual framework for cataloguing the main barriers related to urban biowaste valorisation for biobased products will take place. This will be achieved by performing web- and paper-based surveys and interviewing selected stakeholders such as waste management authorities, converters, consumers and legislators.

Policy baseline analysis (draft M18, due M24)

This report will include an inventory of policies, as well as a detailed analysis that will cover development directions of various policies, trends, drivers, obstacles, gaps, shortcomings and comparison of policies across countries, in order to identify key similarities and differences, and prospects for future policy development.

Database Management Plan adhering to the H2020 Open Research Data Pilot (M6, M30, M42)

WaysTUP! is committed to good data management. In an effort to provide a management lifecycle of the data collected, processed and generated within the project it is necessary to provide a Data Management Plan (DMP). This DMP describes how the research data will be made findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Deliverable 9.2 follows the guidelines for F.A.I.R Data Management, set by the EC H2020, to submit a first version of our DMP (as a deliverable) within the first 6 months of the project. It will also make use of the Commission’s DMP template as a guideline.

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