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Optimizing Bio-based Fertilisers in Agriculture – Knowledgebase for New Policies


Dataset of regional NRSS available for producing BBFs in the EU

The data collected on various NRSS quantitiesmasses and their nutrient contents will be processed into an easytouse database and digital maps providing easy access for BBFs manufactures and policymakers directing NRSS reuse M18 M30

Guideline document on project management, rules and time schedules to be distributed to all partners

Guideline document on project management rules and time schedules to be distributed to all partners

Policy roadmap

National meetings organised together with National Dissemination Forums will be held to understand the existing policies and map the options for the creation of a new one A policy roadmap will be created to gather all the conclusions from these meetings and to design a roadmap for future policy according to the project outputs

Synergy report and action plan

Possible synergies with other funded recycling projects at EU and national level as mentioned in section 133 are reached by contacting respective coordinators and a collaboration mechanism will be implemented crossdissemination of project activities and outputs joint participation as speakers to events coorganisation of events casebycase

Dissemination, communication and exploitation plan

Dissemination communication and exploitation plan covers the projects internal and external communication and dissemination actions including policies strategies means and responsibilities and is the reference document for all DEC implementation

Review and assessment of published LCA studies

Screening nutrient recycling literature with numerous highly relevant contributions from consortium partners and other RIA projects for LCAs on BBFs and related manufacturing processes Investigating identified LCA studies of fertilising products from virgin and secondary raw materials and analysing the benefits and flaws of the selected system boundaries impact categories time horizon for toxicity assessments and cumulative emission factors

Draft convention for comparable LCA studies of fertilising products manufactured from primary and secondary raw materials

A draft convention for making nutrient recycling LCAs comparable by directly consulting authors of other studies database authors and interested stakeholders

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Phosphorus Recovery and Recycling – Closing the Loop

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Improving the prediction of fertilizer phosphorus availability to plants with simple, but non-standardized extraction techniques

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Remediating Agricultural Legacy Nutrient Loads in the Baltic Sea Region

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