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Unlocking new VALUE from urban bioWASTE


Kalundborg-Symbiose: successful case and role in VALUEWASTE

A publishable report describing Symbiose concept and evolution, as well as Symbiose role in VALUEWASTE project

Evaluation of the citizen awareness campaign

A report with main conclusions of the Citizen Awareness Campaign developed in Murcia

Communication activities: first year of VALUEWASTE project

A publishable report gathering and describing main activities regarding communication within the first year of project execution

First insights on social acceptance

A publishable report on the first insights on social acceptance of biowaste derived products

Communication activities: how to fase second half of the project

A plan including main activities to be carried out during the second half of VALUEWASTE project

Report on definition of method, objective and scope of LCA

Preparatory steps for carrying out the LCA of VALUEWASTE

Report on the preparation of Educational Campaign in Murcia

The main activities and outcomes of the Educational Campaign in Murcia will be reported in a publishable summary

First insights on new business models

A publishable document including a review of new business models on biowaste management

EU Policy on biowaste management: a review

A report gathering different EU policies on biowaste management

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