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Sino-EU Soil Observatory for intelligent Land Use Management


Prototype DSS structure definition

The structure of DSS will be defined along with a list of components

Tool development for correlating land use modelling and soil quality

Software tool with algorithms to model the use of land and the quality of the soil due to the use of the land

Report on bright soil discovery service setup

functional interface for digital soil mapping first version

Thematic maps of soil and crop characteristics including crop yield

Creation of thematic maps of soil and crop characteristics including crop yield

Delineation of management zones methodology

Methodology and algorithms for the delineation of management zones

Dissemination & communication plan

Formation of the Dissemination and communication strategy/plan, including project communication and dissemination objectives, strategy and planned activities; as well as the target groups as well as dissemination actions, channels and tools that will be deployed to reach these groups

Report on identification of available information sources

Identification of available information resources to populate the Eurasian soil platform. We are going to describe available data with metadata.

Report on methods and procedures for linking of initial information sources

Identification of links to and between data themselves the Eurasian soil platform. Linking of information resources initial setup.

Gender action plan

Procedures detailing the way gender issues are planned to be handled in SIEUSOIL

Report on spatio-temporal yield variability

Spatio-temporal yield variability mapping

Multi-actor process and validation framework

Validation procedures definition with the end users

Report on inventory of information sources

Inventory of information resources concerns query interface and database structure. D1.10 focuses directly on a dataset level. Based on the, so-called semantic Web approach, it uses specific kind of databases (triple store) to online query data originating from various databases. Benefits lie in a combination of relevant soil data on the European and the Chinese sides.

Report on SIEUSOIL synthesis of methodology

Visual and analytical means (diagrams, spreadsheets, and indicators, SIEUSOIL DSS components) to analyse the outcomes

SIEUSOIL network of interest formation

A detailed report of the activities that took place towards the formation of SIEUSOIL network of interest (first invited members coming from JRC and FAO), future roadmap and activities planned as well as a list of potential organization/members/ representatives to be invited. Establishment of a communication channel among the members and first draft of potential to be exploited synergies.

Multi-actor community directory

Report detailing the users and stakeholders involved in the project

Biophysical quality indicators for monitoring soil and crops

Indicators of biophysical status for soil and crop condition from remote and proximal sensors

Updated report on available information sources

Information resources update for populating the Eurasian soil platform. The identified data are not usually static. We are therefore going to update the metadata e.g. if a dataset will cease or if we will identify new datasets/new datasets will emerge. D1.5 documents available data with metadata as described above. Traditional (relational) database approach will be used. The up-to-date status will be delivered in D1.5 in M18.

Robust spectroscopy-based calibration models to measure key soil quality, physical and fertility indicators (e.g., CEC, organic carbon (or SOM), N, P, K, and pH

Calibrated models that can predict soil indicators (quality, physical and fertility) from the spectral response of soil

Updated report on methods and procedures for linking of information sources

Linking information resources at an advanced level allowing fusion of information. The identified links are not usually static. We are therefore going to update the links e.g. if a link will cease or if we will identify new links. The up-to-date status will be delivered.

Report on Eurasian soil platform setup

Report on the Eurasian soil information platform initial version

Report of the influence of soil management of soil quality and function including changes in carbon and N, P and K.

Describes the influence of soil management of soil quality and function including changes in carbon and N, P and K.

Pilot-specific SIEUSOIL profiles

Pilot fieldsand end users including documentation of co-creation process and details of implementation

Dissemination & Communication activities report

A detailed report of planned and performed dissemination and communication activities within M01-M18; including an update of the Dissemination & Communication plan for the next period.

Framework for socio-economic and policy analysis

Indicators and methods definition for socio-economic factors and policy setting

Inventory of parameters for suitability land-based evaluation

Teh deliverable will create an Inventory of parameters for suitability land-based evaluation

Data management plan

Procedures and methods for data preservation and repositing of data emanating from the project

Dissemination & Communication pack

The development of SIEUSOIL communication tools and first set of informative materials (promotional material, multi-lingual project website, social media accounts).

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