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Bio-based strategies and roadmaps for enhanced rural and regional development in the EU


Project website

D6.1 comprises the project website (

Report on small-scale bio-based business models and their market potentials

D52 presents suitable locallyadapted business models and their market potentials

Report on macro-environment in the OIP regions

D2.2 presents the results of a PESTEL analysis and identifies opportunities and threats to the full deployment of bioeconomy initiatives in the OIP regions.

Handbook on technologies and business models

D2.5 comprises a handbook on “Technologies and business models for regional and local bio-based economies”.

Conceptual framework

D1.1 outlines the conceptual framework and provides practical guidance for the design and implementation of the Open Innovation Platforms.

Report on bioeconomy potential analysis

D2.3 evaluates the bioeconomy potential of the OIP regions with a focus on available biomass streams.

Report on new technology options

D2.1 provides an overview of new technology options for bio-based economies and relevant best practices, including an analysis for each of the technology options with regard to its commercial market level.

Briefing paper on business model development

D5.1 provides guidance for market analysis and business model development activities in the OIP regions.

Report on business models

D2.4 analyses identified business models for bio-based economies with a focus on their suitability for local deployment.

Concept for bio-based pop-up stores

D3.1 presents a concept for the implementation of pop-up stores with bio-based products and participatory events in the OIP regions.

Summer school curriculum and materials

D33 comprises a curriculum and material for a teachers summer school on sustainability and the bioeconomy

Regional strategy and roadmap documents

D53 contains the regional strategy andor roadmap documents developed within the five OIPs

Briefing paper on knowledge exchange and capacity building

D4.1 defines the rationale for BE-Rural's knowledge exchange and capacity building activities in the OIP regions.

Policy Paper

D64 summarizes the potentials and obstacles of cocreation spaces in the context of the regional bioeconomy

Evaluation report on the project's stakeholder and public engagement activities

D63 evaluates BERurals stakeholder and public engagement activities in the OIP regions and formulates practical lessons learned

Note on the development of a sustainability screening for regional bioeconomy strategies

This report will provide the context and justification for the development of BERurals Sustainability Screening a description of its methodological procedure and the syntheses of results from the two experimental implementations of the tool in the Stara Zagora and Vidzeme OIPs

Best practice guide on strategy development

D42 identifies and summarizes best practices regarding effective strategy and roadmap development processes in the OIP regions

Educational materials for schools, colleges and universities

D3.2 comprises material for individual educational events in schools, colleges and universities.

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