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Future Oriented Collaborative Policy Development for Rural Areas and People


Quality & Risk Plan

Plan for how quality assurance and risk management will be structured and performed in PoliRural.

Practice Abstracts 1

"The resulting innovative knowledge and easy accessible end-user material from this project will feed into the EIP-AGRI (The agricultural European Innovation Partnership) website for broad dissemination. The end-user material to be produced contains a substantial number of summaries for practitioners in the EIP common format (""practice abstracts""), including the characteristics of the project (e.g. contact details of partners, etc). A full package of practice abstracts will be produced by the project, containing all the outcomes/recommendations which are ready for practice. A practice abstract is a short summary of around 1000-1500 characters (word count – no spaces; see below) which describes the main information/recommendation/practice that can serve the end-users in their daily practice. Guidance and templates for these practice abstracts are available on the EIP-AGRI web site: Number of practice abstracts: 2."

Prototype Text Mining Solution

First version extracting information on what rural populations and potential or recent newcomers perceive as factors of rural (un)attractiveness.

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Towards Future Oriented Collaborative Policy Development for Rural Areas and People

Author(s): Miloš Ulman, Pavel Šimek, Jan Masner, Pavel Kogut, Tuula Löytty, Patrick Crehan, Karel Charvát, Antoni Oliva, Stein Runar Bergheim, Milan Kalaš, Denis Kolokol, Tommaso Sabbatini
Published in: Agris on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics, 12/01, 2020, Page(s) 111-124, ISSN 1804-1930
Publisher: Faculty of Economics and Management CULS Prague
DOI: 10.7160/aol.2020.120110

Attractiveness of rural areas: development of initial definition

Author(s): Ligita Melece, Pavel Kogut, Ilze Shena
Published in: 19th International Scientific Conference Engineering for Rural Development Proceedings, 2020, Page(s) 1877-1882
Publisher: Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Faculty of Engineering
DOI: 10.22616/erdev.2020.19.tf522