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LUnga notte della ricerca - Lange NAcht der Forschung

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - LUNA (LUnga notte della ricerca - Lange NAcht der Forschung)

Reporting period: 2019-04-01 to 2019-10-31

In South Tyrol, expenditure on research and development accounts for only 0.7% of the gross domestic product. This compares with 1.26 for Italy and 1.63% for the EU.
The provincial government wants to change the previous political course and intends to promote research more vigorously.

Specific objectives are as follows:
- To promote an interest in science in young people as well as in adults and to establish a new tradition for science and innovation;
- To offer opportunities for discussion with researchers and for accessing information about research projects in our region.
- To point out how scientists are studying changes in today's world e.g. societal changes, climate change and how they are looking for suitable solutions to them.
- To point out the impact of science on citizens' daily lives and its importance for their future;
- To offer an insight into diverse scientific topics and the opportunity to get “immersed” in activities aimed specifically at children, families (for the most part) or adults;
- To point out the importance of EU support for research and researchers, and the strategic importance of European and international cooperation, through a big corner dedicated to the EU at NOI Techpark, the most visited location of the event.

All the above will support the over-arching objective of increasing public awareness of researchers and promoting careers in science.
"Awareness campaign
Tasks undertaken

o Conception, production and display of promotional material;
o Publication of inserts, articles and editorials in national, regional and local newspapers and magazines, including an insert with the programme in the largest circulation local daily newspapers “Dolomiten” and “Alto Adige”;
o Public advertising by placing promotional material in cafés, restaurants, bars, libraries, public spaces
o running videoclips in local cinemas
o citylights;
o Mailings to politicians, industrial managers, educational authorities;
o Display of programme through mailings, project partners, direct contacts, during the Night itself at the 13 venues scattered around Bozen-Bolzano;
o Presentations, mailings and promotional material addressing schools;

o Revamping and constant updating of project website, in both Italian and German;
o Links with partners', institutional and popular website, as well as to the Italian national European Researchers 'night website;
o Revamping and constant updating of social networks profiles (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube);
o Display of teasers and questions/answers sessions on social networks;
o Targeted advertising on Facebook and YouTube;
o E-Mailing to direct contacts in schools and contacts of the collaborators of the two project partners;

Overview of the results

O Publication of over 20 articles and features in printed, on-line media, radio and TV;
o Airing of promotional announcements/spots on regional radio stations;
o Revamping, constant updating and maintenance of the project website;
o Revamping , constant updating and maintenance of social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter);
o Publication of the promotional video referred to above on YouTube and Facebook;
o 28.000 impressions on YouTube; Unfortunately, the youtube campaign was terminated prematurely due to a credit card problem.
o Over 12.000 views on Facebook;
o Over 200.000 people made aware of the European Researchers' Nights and its objectives.

Acticities during the night

o Common theme to all venues/locations: ""Change and Challenge"": Over 500 scientists and experts, both earlycareer and established specialists from various disciplines explained in an entertaining and interactive way what contributions they make to face the many changes and challenges of our society.

Overview of the results

o Offer of activities as described in the Grant Agreement Annex I B, namely:
o Hundreds of activities distributed in 114 interactive stations;
o Within 13 different venues within the city;
o Setting up of links between the various venues (6 busses continuously circulating on 2 routes as from 5 p.m. until 0.30 a.m. on Saturday);
o 600 researchers actively involved in the activities, amongst which:
o 4 having benefitted from MSC schemes;
o Around 10.000 attendees having taken part to the various activities.

Impact assessment
Tasks undertaken

Content of the assessment methodology
• Quantitative data about the event
• Qualitative data about the event
• Comparison of opinions if similar questions have been asked after past events.

Implementation of the assessment methodology
• 2 different questionnaires:
o 1 questionnaire addressed to adults with mainly closed questions
o 1 questionnaire addressed to children with mainly open questions;

Overview of the results

• Collection of 809 questionnaires, 581 adults and 228 children
• Analysis and processing of 804 valid questionnaires (against 518 in 2014 and 612 in 2016);"
Collection of 809 questionnaires, 581 adults and 228 children
• Analysis and processing of 804 valid questionnaires (against 518 in 2014 and 612 in 2016);
Main conclusions:
• Typology of visitors: 53% coming from Bolzano, and 47% from other municipalities, 69 % first visitors, while 31 % having participated to one or more previous editions of the event. Among adults 19% up to 20 years of age, 26% 21-30, 19% aged 31-40, 23% aged 41-50 and 13% over 51; 34% having a high school degree, and 48% having a bachelor degree or higher background; 61 % not related to any researcher/person working in research and 75% not ever have been involved in any research issue (in particular with regard to kids and teenagers)
• Knowledge about the event: radio 7 %, TV 4%, printed newspapers 14%, online newspapers 13%, social media 22%, word of mouth 39 %, emails 9%, direct contact with the organization 9%;
• Overall satisfaction about the event (very satisfied/satisfied) 90% (84% in 2016); satisfaction with the programme (very satisfied/satisfied) 82% (74% in 2016); availability of researchers (very satisfied/satisfied) 87% (81% in 2016), Logistics (very satisfied/satisfied) 77% (71% in 2016) and information displayed during the event(very satisfied/satisfied) 80% (73% in 2016);
• General intention expressed to attend future similar events (91%);
• General perception that the event has helped to better understand the work of researchers (76%);
• Increased interest for research careers amongst young people 80% (77% in 2016);
• Overall satisfaction about linking researchers/science with an entertaining activity (87%).
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