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Advanced quantum computing with trapped ions


This project focuses on scalability, availability, and applicability aspects of trapped-ion quantum computers, tackling the transition from current laboratory-based experiments to industry-grade quantum computing technologies. This project will provide the technological framework for quantum computers to solve real-world problems inaccessible to current classical computers. Taking advantage of the unrivalled low error rates of operations available in trapped-ion quantum processors today, we will develop a fully connected 50-qubit device, allowing the implementation of calculations that are out of the reach of classical computers. The system will enable straightforward high-level user access via a robust hardware and software stack, allowing remote execution of complex algorithms without hardware-specific knowledge. We will pave the way to large-scale and fault-tolerant quantum computing by introducing long-range connectivity via ion-shuttling between sub-processors and by establishing remote operations between quantum processors using photonic interconnects. These scalable techniques will make systems exceeding thousands of qubits possible, in combination with error correction and entanglement purification techniques. Within this project, we will combine these quantum information techniques with trap fabrication and packaging technologies which integrate optical and electronic components to achieve stable long-term operation in an industrial environment. These scientific and technological advances will provide a powerful platform to demonstrate trapped-ion quantum computers capable of solving problems of major commercial importance including computational problems in chemistry and machine learning.

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