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Scale-up and demonstrate the production of a novel High Resolution piqlFilm for Ultra-secure data storage and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - piqlFilm-GO (Scale-up and demonstrate the production of a novel High Resolution piqlFilm for Ultra-secure data storage and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data)

Reporting period: 2018-09-01 to 2019-08-31

This project addresses several critical issues related to data storage:

Data security; a) Our data storage solution uses an offline, true WORM storage medium with archival functionality where data cannot be intentionally or accidentally hacked, tampered or deleted and b) Is electromagnetic pulse immune.

Data integrity; c) The solutions incorporates data previews comparing original files with the retrieved, decoded data and d) Uses checksums verifying that data is not corrupted, incorporates Forward Error Correction codes to enhance data reliability, enabling data retrieval even with errors/scratches on the piqlFilm.

Future readability; e) Is a self-contained and self-documenting storage medium, incorporating human readable instructions on how to retrieve data in the future and f) Isn’t technology/vendor locked-in (data retrieval is independent of Piql) and g) piqlFilm longevity has been tested & verified for up to 1000+ years.

Efficiency & reduced costs; h) The solution eliminates data migration in long-term, ultra-secure data storage and thus becomes more cost-efficient than competing solutions that needs migration after typically 4-5 years and i) Ensures a high storage capacity (data density of up to 16m pixels per frame)

Ultra-secure & low energy use; j) Piql addresses 6 out of 7 pillars set in the Digital Agenda for Europe and k) Is a passive and environmental-friendly data storage solution,

Our project addresses global industrial & societal challenge; The amount of digital data is doubling every 2-years. This poses two major concerns related to 1- data security of sensitive data and 2- to how we can ensure future access to data with long-term value.

10-15% of all data needs ultra-high security storage. With the storage technologies used today, governments, organisations and companies face the same growing challenge of preventing critical and irreplaceable data from getting lost, modified or ending in the wrong hands.

5-10% of all data needs long-term preservation with guaranteed future access (even into “eternity”)

The Digital Agenda for Europe - one of the seven pillars of the Europe 2020 Strategy - sets clear objectives on how to better exploit ICT’s potential to foster innovation, economic growth & progress. piqlFilm-GO clearly addresses 6 pillars:

Achieving the digital single market through-out EU, with high-quality service

Boosting competitiveness through interoperability and standardisation

Reinforcing trust and security in digital services and in the handling of personal data

Investing in research and innovation to boost growth and jobs

Promote digital literacy, skills & inclusion to attract the young into ICT

ICT-enabled benefits for EU society - digitisation of content via Europeana

piqlFilm-GO’s goal is to mature, scale-up and demonstrate the production of our novel high-performance piqlFilm technology to commercialise our disruptive and patented Piql System for ultra-secure storage and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data.
WP 1 - piqlFilm performance maturation
In this step we investigated various possible photographically active emulsions in different set-ups of a complete archiving film as the granularity needs to be extremely small in all layers to be able to achieve the needed high accuracy and line separation detectability. The distinction of black and white spots on the film needed to be improved as well as shape and accuracy of the spot edges. After the orienting lab samples, we needed to cast pilot plant samples, always. With the results of the pilot coating we are able to go for production trials. Only here we see the real behaviour of the very complicated emulsions in production scale. The emulsions are among many other properties time and mixing sensitive (different shear forces depending on the agitator and volume).

WP2 - piqlFilm production scale-up
Up to now we made two runs in production scale of approx. 2.000 sqm, each. After each run, we investigated the results intensively, and made new trials in the lab and pilot plant scale. With the conclusions out of these extended trials we started the new production trial in each case. We are convinced that we were able to overcome all issues we have seen so far. So, we will run the next production trial end of November in the justified hope to be at the end of these trials and we will be able to start a first full scale trial in Q1 2020.

WP3 - Large scale piloting validation and demonstration
A complete Piql System was installed at Boneheadz facilities by Piql’s engineers. Boneheadz is now ready to pilot the novel highest resolution piqlFilm supervised by a range of perspective Central-European End-clients.

WP4 - Market and regulatory monitoring
Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained through direct contact with clients, boneheadz prepared market research to monitor the current digital and technological readiness of countries in Central and Eastern Europe, in order to evaluate Piql services potential and how Piql’s services help potential clients. In the research, markets are strategically divided by geographical locations, based on the level of Piql’s commercial activities and presence, in the past, present and potential work in the future.
Part of Market research was also to monitor legislation and standards barriers/opportunities of the selected counties. This information will help Piql business model to adapt to the market requirements and legislative frameworks.

WP5 - Dissemination, exploitation and communication
We have developed and begun implementation of the interim Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (PEDR). Informed by learnings from WP 4, this plan details extensive communication and dissemination activities underway to reach our identified stakeholders and audiences.
Our activities have attracted significant media attention with 50 published articles. Our social media engagement has built our following allowing for greater reach.
With this high-performance film we are expanding the nowadays existing limits and barriers in film production and film performance. Some of the innovations can be transferred to other existing products, which will lead to less costs and better performance. This is giving us an overall competitive advantage, which will increase sales of black and white film. We can deliver to the photographic world new opportunities for extremely high-quality B/W material in the picture and cine film areas as well as for archiving.
We see the high chance to succeed with all improvements achieved in the lab and small pilot scale to manufacture a film in a small production volume in November that is according the required density and quality criteria. We could find reasons for the small deficiencies in density and quality and ways to improve the film. As this film has requirements that surpass the nowadays archiving film criteria drastically, we need this approach of several production trials to meet this demand. Many of these deficiencies you can see only in the production scale. So, we will have a production know-how that can be for all all kinds of high-quality films. This will give a clear competitive advantage for film production within the EU.