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Tipping Points in Antarctic Climate Components


Video1 on Tipping Points in Antarctic Climate Components

Video 1 of our series on tipping points in Antarctic climate components. This will be published on a specially established YouTube channel or other video-sharing websites.

Project website

Shortly after the start of the project, a project website will be established which will be updated regularly. In order to exchange project documentation and model results between the partners, we will set up a restricted area which only the project partners will have access to. On the public area of the website, dissemination and communication materials such as model results and press releases will be posted.

Communication, dissemination and exploitation plan

An updated and more concrete communication, dissemination and exploitation activities plan (i.e. revised Table 2.2a) will be delivered.

Report1 on communication, dissemination and exploitation activities

Report on communication, dissemination and exploitation activities performed, including potential policy/press briefings and engagement in stakeholder events. An updated dissemination and exploitation activities plan (i.e. revised Table 2.2a) will also be provided.

Report1 on coordination with other relevant projects

Report on coordination with relevant EU projects and other initiatives.

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The hysteresis of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

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