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Photo-irradiation and Adsorption based Novel Innovations for Water-treatment


Database on treated wastewater

Database on treated wastewater with regards to designated parameters for disposal vs standards (MOEF & CC) and concentration of CEC, ARB, ARG and Toxicity Simulated Indian Urban Wastewater definition for preliminary tests. This will be carried out as part of Task1.2 (Experiments on simulated wastewater).

Communication Plan

Plan for coordinating all communication and dissemination activities across all formats including: social media, TV, radio, publications, conferences, patents, outreach activities, etc as described in Task 4.1 (Communication strategy ), 4.2 (Project website) 4.3 (Communication material), 4.4 (Project Video) and 4.5 (Scientific Dissemination).

Updated Report on the social structure

Update to D21 41 Report on the social structure

Project Video 1

1-minute explanatory animation on PANI WATER as described in Task 4.4.

Project Website

Project Website fully populated and available online as described in Task 4.2

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Kinetic modeling of the synergistic thermal and spectral actions on the inactivation of Cryptosporidium parvum in water by sunlight

Author(s): Ángela García-Gil, María Jesús Abeledo-Lameiro, Hipólito Gómez-Couso, Javier Marugán
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Optimization and parallelization of the discrete ordinate method for radiation transport simulation in OpenFOAM: Hierarchical combination of shared and distributed memory approaches

Author(s): Jose Moreno-SanSegundo; Cintia Casado; David Concha; Antonio S. Montemayor; Javier Marugán
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Solar Water Disinfection to Produce Safe Drinking Water: A Review of Parameters, Enhancements, and Modelling Approaches to Make SODIS Faster and Safer

Author(s): Ángela García-Gil; Rafael A. García-Muñoz; Kevin G. McGuigan; Javier Marugán
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Solar-driven free chlorine advanced oxidation process for simultaneous removal of microcontaminants and microorganisms in natural water at pilot-scale

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SODIS potential: A novel parameter to assess the suitability of solar water disinfection worldwide

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New trends on photoelectrocatalysis (PEC): nanomaterials, wastewater treatment and hydrogen generation

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Carbonaceous cathode materials for electro-Fenton technology: Mechanism, kinetics, recent advances, opportunities and challenges.

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Energy efficient photocatalytic activation of peroxymonosulfate by g-C3N4 under 400 nm LED irradiation for degradation of Acid Orange 7

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A model to predict the kinetics of direct (endogenous) virus inactivation by sunlight at different latitudes and seasons, based on the equivalent monochromatic wavelength approach

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Heterogeneous Fenton catalysts: A review of recent advances

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Profiling of emerging contaminants and antibiotic resistance in sewage treatment plants: An Indian perspective

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Electrochemically assisted photocatalysis for the simultaneous degradation of organic micro-contaminants and inactivation of microorganisms in water

Author(s): I.Salmeróna; P.K.Sharma; M.I.Polo-López; A.Tolosana; S. McMichael; I.Ollera; J.A.Byrne; P.Fernández-Ibáñez
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Mechanistic modelling of wastewater disinfection by the photo-Fenton process at circumneutral pH

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Enhanced numerical simulation of photocatalytic reactors with an improved solver for the radiative transfer equation

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UVC-based advanced oxidation processes for simultaneous removal of microcontaminants and pathogens from simulated municipal wastewater at pilot plant scale

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High-performance low-cost solar collectors for water treatment fabricated with recycled materials, open-source hardware and 3d-printing technologies

Author(s): Miguel Martín-Sómer; Jose Moreno-SanSegundo; Carmen Álvarez-Fernández; Rafael van Grieken; Javier Marugán
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