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Voluntary certification scheme for waste treatment


Final report

The final report summarises the most relevant findings and conclusions of the project.

Traceability requirements

The traceability requirements ensure the accuracy and verifiability of various aspects throughout the value chain of (secondary) raw materials, such as records of material inputs and outputs at facilities, product documentation and management, and product claims.

Theory of Change (TOC)

The Theory of Change (TOC) will provide a clear and concise explanation of the vision of the project and of its activities, the expected outcomes and the desired impacts from the implementation of the activities, the monitoring indicators, the assumptions and risks.

Procedures on Ethics Requirements

Procedures on Ethics Requirements

Design of the assurance system

The design of the assurance system will be based on existing assurance certification systems, by adapting successful approaches, respectively, and shall be in-line with the ISEAL Assurance Code of Good Practice and the ISO 17000 series.

Verification and certification procedures

The verification and certification procedures will include auditing procedures, self-assessment tools, specification of due diligence approaches, definition of verification frequencies and data management routine, as well as definition of auditor profiles and eligibility criteria.

Definitive list of Members of the Advisory Board and rules of engagement

This deliverable will provide a definitive list of Members of the Advisory Board and appropriate rules of engagement.

Communication plan

The communication plan will outline what set of communication tools will be designed, developed and managed, and identify or create communication channels, such as traditional and social media as well as a project website.

Training material for the piloting team

Training material for the piloting team will follow procedures and tools developed as manuals in work package 3.

Month 24 Management Report

Month 24 Management Report

Validation methodology for the pilots

The validation methodology will be developed for the proper preparation and planning of the pilots.

Piloting reports and maturity level assessment

Piloting reports and maturity level assessment include all the learnings and feedback of the piloting and consolidate recommendations for work packages 2 and 3.

Project Management plan

Project Management plan

Sustainability requirements

The sustainability requirements define the necessary requirements on the environmental, social, technology and governance performance for collection, transport and treatment facilities.

Mapping of stakeholders and clustering

This deliverable will map and cluster stakeholders and actors along the value chain, including: product producers, (secondary) raw material suppliers, waste management companies, recyclers, public authorities, enforcement authorities, civil society organisations, social enterprises, auditors, etc.

Baseline and gap/obstacle analysis of standards and regulations

The baseline and gap/obstacle analysis of standards and regulations is based on the mapping of priority CRM products and conditions enabling CRM recycling, as well as on the mapping of current normative requirements and verification mechanisms

Roadmap for the long-term sustainability of the scheme

The roadmap will include recommendations on amendments to existing product, resource and waste initiatives, recommendations for financing mechanisms, a discussion of economic and environmental benefits of the implementation of the voluntary scheme and the outline of a plan for a future large-scale roll-out.

Assurance and verification manuals

The results of work package 3 will be translated into user friendly manuals to assist in the more harmonised implementation of the responsible and verifiable collection of products containing valuable and CRMs and the optimised capture of CRMs as a secondary raw material.

Final Management Report

Final Management Report

Month 12 Management Report

Month 12 Management Report

Information materials, activities and events

This deliverable will provide information materials, activities and events, including website, press releases and the final event.

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