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Network of Excellence in Computer Vision


Computer vision is an enabling technology for the next generation of automation. Sophisticated such as the widespread use of autonomous robots in manufacturing and in the service industries (eg cleaning and surveillance). Computer vision also promises diverse applications as automatic driving, traffic monitoring and new man-machine communication modes. Dramatic increases in available computing power and recent advances in theory have lead to rapid progress in computer vision technology. However, for computer vision to move from the laboratory to industry, a base of supplier industries must take up this technology and provide mass production of reliable components. CVNet will incite this development by informing industry of recent technological advances, and by forming the start-up markets required for initial development of a new technology.

The goal of the network is to incite development of the scientific foundation and commercial infrastructure needed to transform Computer Vision from a laboratory science to a widely used technology.

Two kinds of actions are required to bring about the wide spread use of computer vision:

- Collaborative actions within the scientific community.
- Technology transfer actions which attract industrial partners to develop the hardware and software needed for widespread applications.

Collaborative actions within the scientific community can be of two sorts: initiatives to create common infrastructure and opportunistic actions to advance promising new approaches and applications. Infrastructure initiatives will be proposed by nodes (individually or in small groups) to the network steering committee.

Technology transfer actions will be performed by small ad-hoc "special interest groups" drawn from the network nodes and associates. These small interdisciplinary groups will form and meet in an opportunistic manner under sponsorship of the network. They will organise workshops and meetings to harmonise terminology, define sub-disciplines and to compare preliminary results from research in progress.

CV Net has grown out of an association of scientific laboratories and industries incorporated as the Computer Vision Society. The Computer Vision Society organises a biannual conference on computer vision named the "European Conference on Computer Vision".


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