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CLEARING HOUSE - Collaborative Learning in Research, Information-sharing and Governance on How Urban tree-based solutions support Sino-European urban futures


Report on governance, institutional and economic frameworks of UF-NBS in China and Europe

The report summarises key findings and provides an overview and comparative perspective of relevant governance, institutional and economic frameworks in China and Europe regarding UF-NBS at different levels, including the European (e.g. guidance on nature-based solutions, and on green infrastructure), national (e.g. the Forest City Construction Action in China), regional and city level. Particular attention will be paid to multi-level and networked governance dynamics in relation to urban de-velopment, and contextual differences concerning UF-NBS governance and implementation between coun-tries/regions in Europe and China.

Review report on UF-NBS for European and Chinese resilient cities

This deliverable is the output of a review of knowledge on UF-NBS in China and Europe compiled by the CLEARING HOUSE consortium (see M1.3). The review will apply rapid review methods (Patnode et al. 2018), i.e. a structured interpretation and evaluation of the current knowledge used, to collate evidence on intended outcomes and unintended impacts of UF-NBS for urban ecosystem regeneration and human wellbeing. The review process will be done by a core group of project partners (UNIBA, HKU-SIRI, HUB, CAF-RIF, VUB, EFI, UniLodzki, LGI, CFRI, CREAF, LUKE).

Report on a novel standardised Sino-European UF-NBS typology

This deliverable will report on the nove standardised Sino-European typology for Urban Forest-Based Solutions (UF-NBS). This deliverable is based on the work in task 1.1, which will identify, describe and map UF-NBS in European and Chinese cities. This analysis will also encompass new strategies (not necessarily implemented yet) in urban planning and green infrastructure, and urban tree and forestry design on both continents. The similarities and differences between UF-NBS initiatives will be identified, and major driving forces determining them in terms of social and economic factors will be mapped out. D1.1 will be fed into the Sino-European co-design event (M3.2, month 18) and the development of the analytical framework (T1.5).

Report on the exploratory analysis of all the case studies

The deliverable describes the methods, results and conclusions of the exploratory analysis of the case study cities and city clusters, and will be used as a base for developing the screening tool and the the interdisciplinary analytical framework for the project.

Local co-design workshops synthesis report

This deliverable describes the results of the local co-design workshops, including relevant questions for research from stakeholders' perspectives, and suggestions for the analytical framework development.

Mid-term report on learning mechanisms under the 1st call

This report describes the results and outcomes of the activities selected in the first call for innovative knowledge of planning and managing UF-NBS for urban ecosystem restoration and rehabilitation.

Educational package on UF-NBS

The educational package will be developed for reaching out to school children (10-14 years) and teachers. This package will include adapted versions of the selected content delivered by the project. It will integrate with the citizen science module developed in WP3 and will collaborate with the social media efforts (particularly SnapChat, Instagram, and WeChat stories) to reach the target groups.

Guidance document for the local co-design and co-learning workshops (including local stakeholder analysis)

The guidance document will support the preparation and conduct of the workshops, including stakeholder analysis and selection. The document will be tested with some case study partner before finalisation and then be introduced to all case study partners via a webinar.

Screening tool for the exploratory case study analysis

The screening tool will encompass analytical questions from all disciplines and assign responsible research partners for their analysis.

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