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Obstruction DEtection Sensor for Surveillance on Aircraft


D1.1.2 Communication, Dissemination and exploitation plan

Plan for Use & Exploitation and Dissemination of Foreground.

D5.2.1 Flight Test Report

Flight test result will be collected in a unique document, necessary as base point for successive R&T phase. This report is very important, not only for ODESSA consortium, but for future development regarding crossing technologies between automotive and aeronautic contest.

D6.1.1 Performance Analysis Report

This report is necessary to upgrade the “state of of the art” stage regarding performances of a ported sensor. This report can be considered as a starting point from R&T process to R&D.

D1.1.5-Project Management Plan

The Project Management Plan will include the Schedule of the macro and micro activities ( eg. Gantt Diagram) . It will be used by the coordinator and task leaders to track and monitor the project schedule and the deliveries.

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