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Smart European Space Access thru Modern Exploitation of Data Science

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SESAME (Smart European Space Access thru Modern Exploitation of Data Science)

Reporting period: 2019-04-01 to 2021-04-30

The SESAME project embarks European space companies, to create new collaborative ways of working using data science.
SESAME focuses on use of artificial intelligence to collect and analyze diverse data in order to control and improve the assembly of Ariane 6 tanks, and to optimize management of logistics resources at the European spaceport in French Guiana. It includes a collaborative platform to share information and work together remotely.

The consortium develop a complete data management framework for data science and artificial intelligence algorithms. This framework is hosted on a secured cloud server. It allows all partners to develop algorithms in a secured environment from any remote location.

For the first use case: Consortium develops new predictive maintenance and quality to reduce the production lead time of Ariane 6 tanks. The global project technical progress objective is to pass from TRL 3 to TRL 7. The new TRL estimated is 5

For the second Use Case, the consortium implement new logistic processes in Guyana Space Center that allow an optimal management of resources in an environment where resources are shared among different industries and products (Ariane 6, Vega, Soyouz…). More than 100 Internet of Things trackers are deployed by ArianeGroup on CNES mobile assets (trucks, forklifts, trailers…)

Partners evaluate the benefit of these new capabilities in realistic operational scenarios developed on two very challenging use cases:
• for use case 1, good results in predictive maintenance with abnormal behavior detected. Project has encouraging results of predictive quality algorithms.
• for use case 2, results are expected soon as datas is already available.

In order to achieve technology acceptance by employees, we are developing human-centric algorithms to accompany the competency transformation. For example, workshops employees have been involved in multifunctional teams together with Data Engineers and Data Scientists. New job profiles have been created like Digital Supply Chain Analysts.

A part of this project is to create an ecosystem involving the overall European Launcher Industry and possibly other sectors to share knowledge. The consortium project implement more effective industrial processes with less risks and costs.

The European Consortium of SESAME is fostered by collaborating effectively on new cloud platform framework and contribute to minimize Covid impacts.

Nota 1: Update of Technical Report V2 with answer at EU questions (&5.3)after first submission.
The main results achieved by the project:
- Definition of the system concept:
• Use Case 1 : Ariane 6 FSW (Friction Stir Welding),
• Use Case 2 : Internet of Things deployment for Guyana Space Center.
- Detailed definition of the experiments
- Development, delivery and test of the 1st cloud platform prototype, which is currently used to develop algorithms.
- Dissemination through participation at digital conferences, papers diffusion, publication and use of internet site and reuse of the cloud platform for another European Union project.
- Discussion between partners for Industrial Property
- Creation of an Advisory Board with a wide range of industrial experts, who provided analysis and advices for the project.

The consortium uploaded during the period, 14 deliverables on the European Union portal. The main challenge of the project was the covid crisis, as the partners were spread all across Europe
The consortium decided to create an external cloud. That host software applications Kasem from Predict (Small French Entreprise) and Data Science Studio from Dataiku (french startup)
The main obstacles were ArianeGroup Cyber Security requirements and the French Export Control rules.
The answer was to develop a very safety cloud in compliance very high requirements of cybersecurity requirement.
The consortium use the Generic Project Process to manage its contributions on SESAME.
Leader of workpackage information system apply it’s internal rules for development software and platform. All mandatory milestones and associated documents are produced.

Regarding dissemination, partners participated to webinars, even during covid lockdowns. A web site was developed with a good activity and papers published. Public documentation is available. 2 Scientific papers wrote.
Before Sesame, it was difficult to identify potential failures on friction stir welding machine. It is now possible to get more than 1,500 measures in automatic mode, which makes it possible to identify weak signals. Specific algorithms are being tested with large datasets in almost realtime
As for use case 2, several hundred are being installed on the Guyana Space Port, and the necessary algorithms have been developed.
The external cloud is a reality shared by 8 partners in 4 countries. It is being reused on another European project.
New professions are identified and created at by some partners. New skills are being developed.
At the end of the project, the consortium will be able to industrialize the tools developed thanks to a large number of data.
Regarding Use Case 2the benefits are expected after application of the analysis methods developed specifically for the Internet of Things Guyana Space Port.

The consortium will be able to measure the socio-economic impact, through ethics and acceptance studies. Contacts have been made with various potential clients. The Intellectual Property is in discussion between partners and the consortium will decide Sesame's solutions industrialization.

The Consortium is still evaluating other possible sectors to create a large eco-system with tools for Predictive Maintenance and Quality. Large contacts with automotive, train, energy were organized through Advisory Board and other webinars.

Following recommendation by expert European Union, non-used subvention and a new dissemination plan will be discussed, and a proposition will be made before December.
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