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High Energy Rapid Modular Ensemble of Satellites, Scientific Pathfinder


Project video

Video introducing the project, its goals and the participants. It will be available on the project web side and social media.

Project website portal

The website is used for generic and targeted dissemination. The website will be in English, offer information about the project, its partners and the status. It will inform about previous and forthcoming events, activities of the project as well as other relevant news on project topics. The web portal will be updated regularly with latest information about the project, its activities and (intermediary) results. Google Analytics will be used to monitor the traffic on the public area of the web site.

Project brand book and press kit

It contains a project logo with coordinated headed paper, poster, power point and leaflet templates. The press kit with essential project documents (Project information sheet, Project coordinator profile, Partners profile, Leaflet) with a unified “look and feel” will be created and used for communication purpose.

Communication plan RP1

These deliverables will contain the planned actions for communication, the target values for KPIs for the related reporting period. Additionally it will report about all activities, all the content produced, the results achieved in term of KPIs. For RP2 and beyond, it will contain dissemination planning for the next reporting period and reporting for the previous period.

Communication plan RP2

Content as D8.4.

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