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Key Environmental monitoring for Polar Latitudes and European Readiness


Roadmap for end-to-end operational system for monitoring the Arctic

Roadmap for end-to-end operational system for monitoring the Arctic.

Project website and social media accounts

Creation of project website and social media accounts.

Harmonisation and improvement of sea ice mapping products

Recommendations for international harmonisation and improved sea ice mapping products.

Best practice guide for EO information use

Best practice guide for Earth Observation information use by research vessels and stations.

CMEMS improvements

Final report on ways to improve the description of the changing Polar Regions in the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS).

Training materials and results

Training tutorials and results of survey with statistics on training events attendance.

Synthesis report on research and capacity gaps

Final report on research gaps in terms of integration/assimilation of space-based and in situ observations to fill in order to improve Polar Regions monitoring and forecasting capabilities.

Executive summary of identification of research and capacity gaps

Executive summary of identification of research and capacity gaps- WP3 Executive Summary

Stakeholder requirements synthesis

Based on inputs from T1.1, T1.2 and T1.3, including needs in relation to existing and planned Copernicus capability, and future recommendations.

CLMS improvements

Final report on ways to improve the description of the changing Polar Regions in the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS)

Recommendations for improved sea ice ECV records

Recommendations for improved sea ice Essential Climate Variable (ECV) records.

Dissemination and exploitation

Report on dissemination and exploitation activity during the KEPLER project.

Synthesis on the visions of the evolution of the Copernicus services

Report on ways to improve the description of the changing Polar Regions in all existing and planned marine Copernicus Services capability.

Recommendations for more user-relevant sea-ice forecasts

Recommendations for more user-relevant sea-ice forecasts.


User requirements for a Copernicus polar observing system Phase 3 report : towards operational products and services

Author(s): Kohlhammer, G ; Nordbeck, O ; Garric, G ; Gros, J-C ; Eriksson, P ; Molch, K ; Flett, D ; Nagler, T ; Jacq, F ; Strobl, P ; Nicolas, J ; Andersson, E ; Duchossois, G ; Dinessen, F ; Diehl, T
Published in: 2021, ISBN 978-92-76-34378-3
DOI: 10.2889/90647

Knowledge needs in sea ice forecastingfor navigation in Svalbard and the High Arctic

Author(s): Veland, S., Wagner, P., Bailey, D., Everett, A., Goldstein, M., Hermann, R., Hjort-Larsen, T., Hovelsrud, G., Hughes, N., Kjøl, A., Li, X., Lynch, A., Müller, M., Olsen, J., C. Palerme, Pedersen, J.L., Rinaldo, Ø., Stephenson, S., Storelvmo, T.
Published in: 2021, ISBN 978-82-7321-819-3
Publisher: Nordlands Forskning
DOI: 10.13140/rg.2.2.11169.33129

The Future of Sea Ice Modeling: Where Do We Go from Here?

Author(s): Ed Blockley, Martin Vancoppenolle, Elizabeth Hunke, Cecilia Bitz, Daniel Feltham, Jean-François Lemieux, Martin Losch, Eric Maisonnave, Dirk Notz, Pierre Rampal, Steffen Tietsche, Bruno Tremblay, Adrian Turner, François Massonnet, Einar Ólason, Andrew Roberts, Yevgeny Aksenov, Thierry Fichefet, Gilles Garric, Doroteaciro Iovino, Gurvan Madec, Clément Rousset, David Salas y Melia, David Schroed
Published in: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Issue 101/8, 2020, Page(s) E1304-E1311, ISSN 0003-0007
Publisher: American Meteorological Society
DOI: 10.1175/bams-d-20-0073.1

Improving Situational Awareness in the Arctic Ocean

Author(s): Luc Rainville, Jeremy Wilkinson, Mary Ellen J. Durley, Scott Harper, Julia DiLeo, Martin J. Doble, Andrew Fleming, David Forcucci, Hans Graber, John T. Hargrove, John Haverlack, Nick Hughes, Brett Hembrough, Martin O. Jeffries, Craig M. Lee, Brendon Mendenhall, David McCormmick, Sofia Montalvo, Adam Stenseth, Geoffrey B. Shilling, Harper L. Simmons, James E. Toomey, John Woods
Published in: Frontiers in Marine Science, Issue 7, 2020, Page(s) 581139, ISSN 2296-7745
Publisher: Frontiers in Marine Science
DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2020.581139

Sea-ice information and forecast needs for industry maritime stakeholders

Author(s): Penelope Mae Wagner, Nick Hughes, Pascale Bourbonnais, Julienne Stroeve, Lasse Rabenstein, Uma Bhatt, Joe Little, Helen Wiggins, Andrew Fleming
Published in: Polar Geography, Issue 43/2-3, 2020, Page(s) 160-187, ISSN 1088-937X
Publisher: V.H. Winston and Sons, Inc.
DOI: 10.1080/1088937x.2020.1766592

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