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A Multi-Sided Business Platform for Plug and Produce Industrial Product Service Systems

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MARKET4.0 (A Multi-Sided Business Platform for Plug and Produce Industrial Product Service Systems)

Reporting period: 2018-11-01 to 2020-04-30

"MARKET4.0 develops an open multi-sided digital platform for enabling production equipment and service providers to connect and work together with manufacturing companies. Creates technical and financial trust to prove payment, delivery and anonymized feedback in manufacturing B2B collaboration.

The objective of MARKET4.0 is to define, develop and validate an open multi-sided marketplace, based on a trusted P2P data sharing infrastructure for Industry 4.0 that brings together Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPSS) providers (supply side) and customers (demand-side) and that allows direct interaction among the different sides in order to improve the sales power of production equipment SMEs. MARKET4.0 will offer advanced web-presence of production equipment SMEs extended with additional functionalities such as simulations, VR/AR capabilities and also will be a P2P Industrial Data Space that offer smart user-services, a secure API to try and test the Digital Twin of the production equipment, on top suppliers’ and customers’ data that enable the direct transaction between market peers (supplier-to supplier, supplier-to-customer, customer-to-suppliers and more) during the whole B2B phases from equipment search to procurement and commissioning. MARKET4.0 will create trust in the business transaction between the SME production equipment manufacturer and the customer, as indicated in the Industrial Data Space (IDS) reference architecture. That also implies technical trust: simulation before purchasing and financial trust with Blockchain distributed ledger technology to prove payment, delivery, and anonymized feedback. In MARKET4.0 the supply side, mainly SMEs, may offer a) production equipment, b) services that extend the capabilities of the production equipment, c) production equipment as a service and d) collaborative engineering services. The demand side includes industrial stakeholders such as OEMs and production system integrators that provide engineering services and act as mediators between production equipment suppliers and OEMs.

MARKET4.0 will disrupt the manufacturing sector by providing a multi-sided digital platform enabling equipment manufacturers to work with their customers, strengthening their value proposition and thereby increasing their competitive position.

In MARKET4.0 initially three (3) production equipment marketplaces are connected:

1. Metal Processing (such as metal cutting machines)
2. Plastics and composites processing (such as injection molding)
3. High-tech production equipment (such as equipment for electronics manufacturing)

The production equipment marketplaces are expanded through the project Open Calls. Open Call #1 has already been launched with submission deadline 30th July 2020."
"The work performed in MARKET4.0 project during the 1st reporting period (M1-M18) is summarized below:
• The MARKET4.0 user and technical requirements have been captured, an IDS-based reference architecture, which specifies the role of each component in the MARKET4.0 platform, as well as the exchange of information between different components, has been designed, the MARKET4.0 Business Model and Governance Structure have been investigated and the MARKET4.0 data management plan has been defined (WP1 “Reference Architecture and Marketplace Technical and Business Requirements”).
• The first version of the MARKET4.0 platform core components (e.g. IDS Broker, IDS Connector, E-commerce service, Android-based AR/VR application, Dynamic Supplier Network Configuration and Management, etc.) have been developed (WP2 “Generic Marketplace Platform Development - v1” and WP3 “Generic Marketplace Platform Development – v2”).
• Three innovative MARKET4.0 Marketplaces that leverage the MARKET4.0 reference architecture have been designed and the solutions from the domains of Metal Processing (WP4 “Metal Processing Domain Applications and Simulations Development”, WP7 “Metal Processing Domain Marketplace”), Plastics Processing (WP5 “Plastics Processing Applications and Simulations Development”, WP8 “Plastics Processing Domain Marketplace”) and High-Tech Production Equipment (WP6 “High-Tech Production Equipment Domain Applications and Simulations Development”, WP9 “High-Tech Production Equipment Domain Marketplace”) have been integrated into the MARKET4.0 core platform.
• A common framework for conducting experiments, providing a common set of KPIs and benchmarks in order to evaluate the success of the MARKET4.0 platform adoption among the three project domains and the application experiments, has been defined (WP10 “Domain-specific Marketplaces Experiments”).
• The project’s first Open Call for new experiments to connect with the MARKET4.0 platform has been launched. The relevant documents to support the Open Call #1 process have been prepared and the F6S platform has been set up in order to allow for the submission of the open call proposals (WP14 “Management of Open Calls and Support to new Experiments - Round One”).
• The project’s Dissemination Plan has been developed and maintained and a number of actions for disseminating the project concept, developments, and initial findings to key actors in the field, have been conducted (WP19 “Alliance Building: Dissemination”).
• The MARKET4.0 Exploitation Strategy has been shaped and a number of actions and analyses (definition of core exploitable assets, market and competition analyses, analyses of IPR and governance topics, Exploitation Workshop, etc.) have been carried out in order to integrate and finalize the first round of the strategy (WP20 “Alliance Building: Exploitation and Impact Creation”).
• The “ethics requirements” that the project must comply with, have been set out (WP22 “Ethics requirements”)."
MARKET4.0 aims to create an environment, where business can exchange data securely and engage into B2B transactions. Therefore, security, privacy and trust along with data sharing facilitation is of paramount importance. MARKET4.0 in the process of elaborating its platform architecture will seek to comply with and implement the features of existing reference architectures for data processing including the Big Data Value Reference Model (BDVA2017), the Oracle Big Data & Analytics Reference Architecture (Oracle 2013), and NIST Big Data Interoperability Framework (NIST 2015). In parallel, the work in specifying the MARKET4.0 architecture will investigate the possibility of incorporating elements from existing platforms in the domain such as FIWARE (see Big Data Europe (see and outcomes of EU-funded research projects, such as SmartOpenData (SmartOpenData Consortium 2014). A second important aspect of the work to be carried out on specifying the MARKET4.0 architecture is security. Therefore, mechanisms and approaches from reference architectures such as the Information Sharing Environment Data Integration reference architecture (Information Sharing Environment 2014), the Oracle Security in Depth Reference Architecture (Oracle 2013), and NIST Cloud Computing Security Reference Architecture (NIST 2013) will be investigated and incorporated based on the needs of the MARKET4.0 platform. MARKET4.0 partners will also seek to contribute to the initiatives around Europe working on relevant frameworks and architectures such as BDVA, based on the activities and outcomes of the work on realizing the MARKET4.0 architecture.
MARKET4.0 concept